What The Go-To Snack You Chew LOUDLY In Lecture Says About Your Personality

What The Go-To Snack You Chew LOUDLY In Lecture Says About Your Personality

To all the apple eaters: please do less.

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If you're an in-class snacker than you most likely have your go-to snack.

People who don't eat in class know that anyone who does is defiantly bold without a doubt, but we all know that depending on what snack you munch on during class says a lot about you.

So give it up to those crazy apple eaters and full course meal eater we see you, we know you, and some of us are starving.

1. The Apple

You are bold, care free and without a doubt take risks in life. If you've ever seen someone crunching into an apple during class you know the type...

2. Left-overs

If you have the guts to bring a full meal with utensils to class you are one of the bravest out of your friend group and really don't care what others think of you.

3. Something crunchy

A classic bag of chips, pretzels means you definitely aren't self conscious especially when it comes to chewing loud, you probably are a good sharer and confidence is your strong suit.

4. Campus food

Grabbing a salad or sandwich from campus most likely means that this class snack is your first and only meal of the day. You probably have to study for 5 tests write 2 ten page papers and have $3.00 to your name.

5. The stomach grumbler

Clearly your self-conscious to eat in class so you just suffer through that 2 hour class stomach in full grumbling mode. You probably are sweating due to the fact that you know everyone can hear your angry belly.

6. The cereal bar

Just rolled out of bed haven't even had coffee yet. *8ams are the devils work.*

7. Candy

The vending machine is all you can afford right now.

8. The gallon of water

That guy who's arms are scary big and goes to the gym 3 times a day, this one goes out to you and your obnoxious in-class jug of water. *glug glug*

9. Starbucks

Srat girls are flocking to a class near you, it's pumpkin spiced latte season!

10. Gum Chewer

Some may not call this a snack but when it comes to a gum chewer you are bored, hungry and trying out that whole "if you chew the same type of gum while listening to a lecture you'll do great on the test!" method.

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