What Your Hair Color Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Hair Color Reveals About Your Personality

We have all heard it before. "blondes have more fun", " brunettes are good girls", and "redheads are hot-tempered".

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We have all heard it before. "blondes have more fun", " brunettes are good girls", and "redheads are hot-tempered."

While these may seem a bit stereotypical they aren't too far-fetched. Believe it or not, whether you are Blonde or every shade of the rainbow your locks can affect your mood and actions causing others to perceive you in a different light. for example, I had a friend who changed her hair from blonde to brunette because it made her more "tame" and she feared going back to blonde because she would become more "wild."

I can personally say that I myself have changed my attitude after changing hair colors. maybe we are born with it, or maybe it's that extra kick of confidence, but different actions depend on different colors, below is a list so you can play up your color.

1. Red

you tend to be a mix of personalities impulsive, alluring, passionate, and feisty and more likely to chase life to the fullest. You are very opinionated and seductive your russet hues make you feel vibrant and alive and always attract attention.

2. Orange

you have a love of life and love to take adventures this color radiates energy. Those with this hair color look for the bright side of life

3. Pink

you are a romantic you love to daydream and have fun with your friends. There is no doubt that you will definitely bring people into a happy mood

4. Blonde

You are glamorous and sophisticated and although you are a little high- maintenance you are a natural beauty with no fear. you are the one people love to be around because your color inspires trust

5. Brunette

Brunettes are viewed as very loyal and genuine. your earthy tones radiate warmth and are very confident your friends consider you to be the most dependable.

6. Black

You are considered to be mysterious and secretive, those with this hue are also viewed as elegant and thoughtful.

7. Blue

whether you are rocking electric or turquoise you are the epidemy of cool, you indicate that you have a big heart full of empathy and that you are a sensitive soul.

Our hair is the first thing people notice about us, it should be fun and feel true to your unique style.if you feel that your hair doesn't suit you don't be afraid to experiment.

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