What do you order for a boozy drink? Is it a pretentious Moscow mule, or a Miami vice? Maybe it's just whisky neat? Whatever you order, it all has something to say about the kind of person you are. So, shall we dive into the depths of your personality?

If you order a Moscow Mule:

Did you study abroad? Do you have a passion for recycling and a commitment to taking care of this planet? I think so. A basic beer isn't enough for you, I guess.

If you order a Miami Vice:

You are extremely indecisive. The fact that you can't pick between a piña colada and a strawberry daiquiri is already worrying. You like everything cold, and are very patient considering you don't mind waiting ten minutes for the bartender to make the drink already.

If you order a Whisky Neat:

Man, do you love to deprive yourself out of the good things in life or what? Your taste buds are probably dulled by now, but at least you know how to have a good time when you go out. Seriously, no chaser? That's rough.

If you order Jäger Bombs:

You clearly have a fear of alcohol making you depressed. Or, you're actually crazy, considering that Red Bull literally states on the can that you shouldn't add alcohol to it. Wow, maybe you are a rule breaker after all. It probably feels like a good idea at first, but that night, oh man.

If you order a Vodka Soda:

Someone's counting calories. When you see all the calories and alcohol in other drinks, you soon realize this is actually not a bad idea. Still, you need to experiment with some better cocktails, and not be so basic.

Hopefully by reading all about your drink of choice, you feel confident to order that next drink at the bar. And, obviously, order whatever you want to drink, these little pararagraphs do not mean anything.