What Your Coffee Order Says About You
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This Is Exactly What Your Coffee Order Says About You — Whether Caffeine Is Your Best Friend Or Foe

I'm a huge coffee drinker and it has become my ultimate BFF during times of crisis or sublime joy

This Is Exactly What Your Coffee Order Says About You — Whether Caffeine Is Your Best Friend Or Foe

When 2020 has fallen below expectations, there is always coffee to empower us and brighten our mornings! I'm a huge coffee drinker and it has become my ultimate BFF during times of crisis or sublime joy.

There is never a dull moment when we have our hot and delicious coffee catered to our tastes amidst the hullabaloo surrounding our daily lives. As a matter of fact, your Coffee order does say a lot about you i.e. your feelings, personality, desires, and overall mood.

Here are 10 things your Coffee order says about you:

Pumpkin Spice Latte

starbucks cup with latte in it


An exuberant delicacy filled with espresso and steamed milk along with pumpkin spice flavors to maintain the rejuvenation of life.

You are a character filled with optimism and uplifting vibes. You love to talk to people and make friends quite easily. Keep in mind, this refers to different latte flavors and not exclusively pumpkin spice latte.

Black Coffee

cup of coffee and biscuits on tray


If you drink black coffee, then you are certainly the "serious types". You are a perfectionist who believes in always achieving the best and won't take imperfection for an answer.

In addition, you are ambitious and prefer your own company. It takes you some time to open up and interact with others. Literally, you are antisocial and feel socially restrained from opening your nest.

Iced Coffee

iced coffee cold brew Giphy

You tend to embrace life with open arms and go with the flow! You seldom get into fights, instead, you act as the mediator between two people who fight. A soft-spoken soul who simply breezes through life without taking any type of unnecessary stress.

Decaf Coffee Or Coffee With Soy Milk

person holding white ceramic mug with red liquid


You are a health and fitness freak. Hence, you indulge in decaf/soy milk caffeine as opposed to spicing it up with some sugar and milk. You are by no means like someone who drinks iced coffee, instant coffee, or even lattes. You are usually preoccupied with many lingering thoughts about where your life is headed and constantly ponder about what will happen if things don't go as planned. There is absolutely no chill pill for you but it is strongly recommended to remain sharp and healthy!



Cappuccino drinkers are rather more gentle and pleasure-seekers. They want to escape from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and just take a breather by indulging in a Cappuccino.

Indeed, drinking Cappuccino will alleviate many of the stressors in life and make you more proactive.

Instant Coffee

pouring creamer in coffee Giphy

Just like instant coffee, you love doing tasks instantly without a pause. You like to keep rolling and never stopping to take a break.

A very organized person with a laid back attitude towards life, itself. You live in the moment and aren't too thrilled about planning for the future.

Caramel Macchiato


If you are a caramel macchiato drinker, then you are definitively full of life and indulge in studying architecture.

You may be an architect or Interior designer since you are adding a ton of sweetened caramel with oodles of perspective.


ice coffee cup on gray surface


You are a creative soul if you are a mocha drinker. You tend to think outside the box and provide innovative solutions to complex problems at your workplace. There are layers of deep-rooted and analytical thinking in your mind that will potentially pave your way towards the stairs to success.


white ceramic cup on black and silver laptop computer


Espresso drinkers are travelers and love to explore the world. A major adventure-seeker who will be more than delighted to take you on vacation.

So if you would like to travel to an exotic destination, then make plans with an espresso drinker!

Flat White

black mug filled with latte


You are simply interested in your life and don't have the time and energy to think about the lives of others. You are not too into gossip and criticizing people because you are more concerned about your work and ambitions.

However, your sense of humor is mind-blowing!

Caffeine is the pleasurable intoxication that can let us all drown our sorrows and progress towards a brighter moment in our lives. The plethora of ornately crafted ingredients that are present in our coffee orders is what makes us unique as individuals.

In reality, our coffee order does say a lot about us, and one shouldn't feel restrained from experimenting with other types of coffee!

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