The word, "documentary" evokes a sense of reluctance and perhaps a groan or two. However, the documentaries in this article are both fascinating and sometimes, humbling. In any case, watching or reading the news hasn't been the best of times lately. While documentaries may not always lift the spirits when you need them to, they always open your eyes to different worlds whether they be super cool or super dark.

Below is a list of documentaries that is a mix of both good and bad in the world. From touring dangerous cities to discovering society's inner kink, here is what you must watch on YouTube.

1) BBC III's World's Most Dangerous Cities with Ben Zand

Benjamin Zand is a beast. He travels the globe, but he doesn't just travel anywhere: he goes to the most dangerous parts of the world where he interviews murderers, the Taliban, and more. It's scary stuff, but Ben is able to hook you in with both his passion for journalism, his professionalism, and his ability to make you laugh whenever it's appropriate.

2) Barcroft TV's Born Different

There are so many kinds of people in the world, and Born Different celebrates just that. In fact, the series shows that the greatest gift you can give to yourself is to be yourself. From teenagers with "Butterfly Syndrome" to adults with no arms and legs, Born Different shows a different side of humanity that is just as, if not more, humbling than everyday life.

3) Vice's Slutever with Karley Sciortino (but honestly, any documentary on Vice is great)

Slutever is weird but amazing. Mature, Slutever strives to break through the taboos of sex in modern society. The host, Karley Sciortino, is not only like the older sister you never had, but also not afraid to explore the kinkier, and more accepting, side of the world. Currently, full episodes of Season 1 of Slutever are available free on Linktree, and Season 2 just dropped as well.

4) Real Stories

This channel focuses solely on documentaries and thus, is globally focused. They cover anything from serial killers to long-lost friends. Some of the documentaries are terrifying while others are heartwarming. It goes to show that nothing in life is as it seems, and that we should never take it at face-value.