It is my opinion that Chris Jericho is perhaps one of the most persistent dreamers of his time. As a result, he is a successful professional wrestler, musician, actor, podcaster and writer. He has made a life out of chasing his dreams, whether others believed in him or not. In his latest book, No Is A Four Letter Word, Jericho reveals his many principals that have helped guide him toward a successful life. It is a must-read for any Jerichoholic, but it is also an inspirational read for anyone with a dream.

Perhaps the best lesson to take from this book comes from Jericho's own principal, "believe in yourself." In his book, Jericho mentions how people told him he was too small to make it in the professional wrestling business. Had he listened to his naysayers, he probably would not have fulfilled his dreams and this article would not have been written.

So what can you take away from Chris Jericho's life principal? You can learn to recognize that dreams do come true, and that the first step to get to where you need to be is to have the confidence to believe in yourself. If you have a dream, chase after it. If you are uncertain of what you want in life, just remember that you can achieve success in anything as long as you believe that you can do it. Just ask Chris Jericho.