What Do You Bring To The Table?
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What Do You Bring To The Table?

Increasing your value will attract like-minded people with the same hunger and drive for success that will reflect your very own, which is a pretty cool thing.

What Do You Bring To The Table?

Alas, I am back again to discuss how we choose to live our day-to-day lives. Somebody has to do it, right?

I'd like to talk about the importance of self-reflection, something more people certainly need to do. It's a really cool tool that helps us stay in touch with who we are day to day. We are constantly changing and gaining new skills, which is why it's important to do small self-checkups every once and while to see how we are doing and feeling.

With that being said, it's so easy to place blame on others when something goes wrong: didn't get the job, got rejected by that really cute girl in class, got a bad grade on an exam. But it's always somebody else's fault, of course.

Okay, I'm being facetious.

Not nearly enough do we take the time and think about our own actions, mostly because sometimes all the signs will point to our own wrongdoing, which isn't always an easy thing to swallow. Although we cannot be perfect, we can certainly strive for a standard that is currently greater than the one we are currently at. This is called promotion.

In order to promote yourself, you have to do something to increase your value because it won't do it by itself. Take the time to invest in yourself. Go to office hours, read a book, wash your face... you know, simple tasks that require simple obedience. But apparently, even that simple obedience is hard to maintain.

By increasing our value, we naturally increase the value of our circumstances and the environment we find ourselves in. The relationships you make with people will start to shift: like-minded people with the same hunger and drive for success will reflect your very own, which is a pretty cool thing.

You want to surround yourself with people who are seemingly better than you. This shouldn't discourage you, this should only motivate you. This will help to increase what you have to offer by learning from people who already have what you want. Whether that be a girlfriend/boyfriend, a job offer, etc.

Opportunities seem endless when you have a lot to offer. Skills and knowledge come in many different forms that are always different; this will help to overall enrich who you are as a person, which in turn will help you be treated as such.

It's okay to admit you're lazy and unproductive. I mean let's be honest, I have trouble brushing my hair and putting an actual bra on most days (sports bras do not count, sorry self). And that's okay too. We can't always have it together, but if everyday we try to learn something new, acquire a new skill, or practice something that we are already good at, eventually you will see yourself in a new light that will radiate from within. People will treat you differently based off what you bring to the table.

*Disclaimer: people will also try to take advantage of the benefits you provide to their life. Beware of these people, they suck.*

I hope you see the larger picture. All I'm saying is that increasing your value will help you acquire the desires of your heart. Having a lot to offer is a weapon that most people don't know how to use. So figure out what you bring to the table, and then figure out what more you can bring, and then some.

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