What I Want For Christmas This Year

What I Want For Christmas This Year

"Remember, no man is a failure without friends."


On Christmas Eve in 1914, German and British troops stopped fighting for Christmas Eve and Day. This would be known as The Christmas Truce of 1914. The Truce happened five months after World War 1 started. People were giving gifts to the other side and speaking carols, while others were took the time to retreave the bodies of their fallen brothers. Knowning the next day that they would go back to fighting and killing the many people they now know from the other side, they still were having a good time in the company of each other. This commerical is one of the best at explaining this story.

Nearly 100 years later, the story of the Truce is one of the best war stories of all time. A sign of peace and good will towards men. But, we as a society seem to have lost that message of peace and understanding through the internet. Know, instead of celebrating a peaceful holiday, people have now gotten upset over "Keep Christ in Christmas", something a politician said or has done, or and some bashing on Christians, Atheists, and other religions. I hate saying stuff like this, but this wasn't like this when I was growing up.

Growing up, George Bailey taught me the will to live and the importance of family around the holiday through a bad situation. Charlie Brown taught me the importance of loving thy neighbor. Emmet Otter taught me that all you really need is family on Christmas, no material possesions. Just the ones you love. So, what happened? When did we forget to not fight over Christmas? I thought this was a time of peace and love.

Well, one of the factors is the invention of social media has seemed to give people access to many things, including sharing your thoughts on things and keeping you updated on life. However, social media is a powerful tool where people can say things that will offened another person. People will get into arguments on Facebook and even get into heated debates with relatives over essentially nothing.

Another thing is people have become more opinonated and don't read into why another person doesn't think the way they do. From both sides, it's I'm always right and their wrong. No challenge of opinon, no one respecting what another person believes is "right" and "wrong". This is why so many people today don't like going home to their families, because of getting into heated debates with family and not wanting to do what their family wants to do.

Even "Christans" forgot what the meaning of Christmas is actual. It's not keeping Chirst in Christmas, it's Jesus being born to bring peace and good will to all men. Because a lot of people have forgotten what the meaning of Christmas is to some people, here is a kid explaining what Christmas is about:

I am 20 years-old. I didn't really get the message of this special until just last year rewatching it. Hearing this is one of the reasons why I love Christmas so much. Reading some of the comments on YouTube for this clip, I am seeing stuff like "I am 45 and choke up every time" and "I am an atheist and even I choke up". A simple, but yet meaningful message that a child spoke to millions of people each year is more powerful than any pastor, "Christian", and Kirk Cameron could say to those millions of people. This is what Chrismtas is actually about.

As of this, I am asking for everyone to take part in The Christmas Truce of 2016. This will be in effect from December 24th, 2016-December 26th, 2016.

This will consists of no fighting over social media over someone's belief, not getting into debates over a family dinner, enjoying the company of family and friends, and loving thy neighbor. If you don't celebrate Christmas, enjoy a laugh or two with someone who does celebrate this holiday. We need to love again, this is the only way we know how. This is all I ask for this Christmas. A truce between Conservavtives, Liberals, Christans, Muslums, etc.

Merry Christmas and remember. No man is a failure without friends.

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