1. Goals

Establishing goals is a tool for motivation as well as measuring your progress. Goal setting is such a healthy practice for success and productivity!

2. Doodle / Sketch Book

Grab an unlined notebook for quick doodles and sketches. Draw things that inspire you or unwind at the end of the day by drawing to music.

3. Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is basically a productivity notebook. It can be used as a planner, a personal habits tracker, journal, to write goals

4. Gratitude Joy & Success

A gratitude journal allows you to reflect on and record the things you’re thankful for. It is a place to celebrate your success and the little joys of daily life that are often overlooked.

5. Quotes that resonate with or inspire you

When you come across sayings that motivate or relate to you, write it down in a journal so you can always come back to it!

6. Dream Journal

Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, reach for your journal. Record your dreams from the night or thoughts about what the day will hold.

7. Writing Prompts

Fill a journal with your response to different writing prompts. Here are a few to get you started…

Write an open letter to someone you loved

Create a short story from a conversation you overheard

Write about someone you miss

Open up a dictionary to a random word and write about what that word means to you

Write about a photograph you have taken and why it is significant

8. Travel

Record your adventures through daily journal entries, photographs and sketches of where you have traveled and what you did at each destination.

9. Good Reads

If you’re a reader, this idea is perfect for you! Use a journal to write about the literature you’ve read including significant quotes, symbolism, characters and plot analysis.

10. Poetry and Songwriting

I draw inspiration through the things I see and experience, and having a notebook to record those things in helps me to remember the things that inspire me and acts as a reference I can always look back on.