7 Documentaries You Should Have To Watch
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7 Documentaries You Should Have On Your Bucket List To Wat

Here's what to watch for your next Netflix binge.

7 Documentaries You Should Have On Your Bucket List To Wat

Knowledge is power and there are thousands of sources available to us nowadays. One of my personal favorite ways to learn is to watch videos, movies, documentaries, etc. Documentaries, especially, are a powerful way to bring a message to life. The following are a list of informational documentaries meant to raise awareness and educate.

Besides "The Internet's Own Boy," all of the following are available on Netflix.

1. "Killswitch," directed by Ali Akbarzadeh

A documentary detailing the lives of hackers Edward Snowden and Aaron Swartz and their contribution to a revolutionary movement. Insightful and informational, this film pushes the boundaries of accessibility and transparency. It features many important figures including Lawrence Lessig, Tim Wu, and Peter Ludlow.

2. "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz," directed by Brian Knappenberger

This film moves through the life of the late Aaron Swartz, documenting his passion and fight for open access to the Internet. With commentary from his friends and family, the movie goes into detail about the legal issues Swartz faced and the effects it had on him that led to his death.

3. "The Square," directed by Jehane Noujaim

"The Square" goes into the streets of Egypt to tell the story of several citizens fighting for the country in the 2011 Egypt Revolution. The doc spans several years and allows the viewer to see the rise and fall of the Egyptian government and the massive influence of the people working for freedom.

4. "The Propaganda Game," directed by Álvaro Longoria

This film depicts the inner workings of North Korea. It offers a small glimpse into the global power government, its citizens and much more than we have had access to before.

5. "Inside the World's Toughest Prisons"

This three-season series explores conditions in prisons around the world, including Poland, Mexico, and the Philippines. Paul Connolly experiences first hand what it is like to survive in various institutions of varying intensity and risk, along with heart-wrenching and terrifying stories from the prisoners themselves.

6. ​"Inside Russia's Toughest Prison"

In the same vein, this documentary gives the viewer the rare opportunity to see the inside of three of Russia's most guarded institutions.

7. "13th," directed by Ava DuVernay

Nominated for an Academy Award, this documentary discusses the prison systems in the United States and the mounting pressures against African Americans as a result of racism and criminalization. It features powerful figures such as Angela Davis, Cory Booker, and several former prisoners.

These are only a few suggestions and there is a multitude of other documentaries available across several platforms. Allow these documentaries to grip you, inspire you, and offer you a new perspective.

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