As a high school senior, you can't wait to graduate and head off to the next stage of life, which for most is college. I came to college as eager student in search of an adventure.

But what I had in mind was completely opposite of reality.

Here is 5 ways college is completely different from my expectations:

1. You have to study. Like A LOT. If you only put in a couple hours a week studying, you will fail. I spend, anywhere from 20-40 hours a week studying.

2. Sleep is basically nonexistent. Why? See above point.

3. The dorms are horrible. It's always hot, the community bathrooms are gross, and you never get to be alone.

4. You miss your family a lot more than you think you will. I was so excited to move out but now I just miss my family. I legit talk to them at least once a day.

5. While you think you'll spend weekends exploring new places and trying new things, you're really just so tired from the past week that all you want to do is sleep. (Plus you'll have a ton of work to do.)

On the opposite hand, here is 5 ways college was exactly what I thought it would be:

1. You'll meet the BEST people. Theres people here that I've known for less than 6 months yet we're already planning each other's weddings.

2. Some of the most amazing opportunities fall into your lap. Literally last week, I was in class and there was a guest speaker who offered an internship. Long story short, I now have an internship.

3. Saturday's in Athens pale in comparison to everything else, which is easy when you go to the best school in the world.

4. The cute coffee shops here are anywhere and everywhere.

5. The memories you make here will truly be unforgettable, like that time you and a friend eat a whole large pizza at 1am.

Like life, college is bound to have its ups and downs. My advice is to keep and open mind and take any and every opportunity because who knows what your missing out on. At the same time, enjoy living in the "now".

You don't want to leave four years later with just a dipolma and no memories to show for it.