If I Had 10 Wishes, We'd All Be Thriving
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If I Had 10 Wishes, We'd All Be Thriving

9. I'd wish for advancement.

If I Had 10 Wishes, We'd All Be Thriving

With all the talk about the Aladdin remake, I started thinking about how the magic lamp gave Aladdin the genie. If I could be granted 10 wishes, what would I even wish for? After thinking about my family, friends, dreams, and hopes, I came up with these 10 things. Truly, if everybody in the world could have these granted, the world would be a better place.

1. I'd wish for peace.


We all need inner peace and world peace. More of that to go around would be amazing. Talk of nuclear weapons would stop, and the world could finally work together instead of against each other.

2. I wish that everyone had a home.


No human being should not know shelter or the feeling of having a home. Whether this is a roof or a group of people, everybody needs to experience the safety and happiness of a home.

3. I'd wish for equity.

Interaction Institute for Social Change

Many people confuse equity and equality. Equity is fairness. Equality is sameness. By wishing for equity, there would no person left behind. No longer would disabilities prevent anyone from doing anything. Each and every person would get exactly what they need to make it in this world.

4. I wish that we would stop climate change.

Climate change is so terribly scary. Earth is dying, and we are so heavily contributing to it. If we do nothing, there will be no future. Without a future, what are we doing here? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a federally funded program and their evidence of climate change is scary.

We need to preserve this beautiful planet for as long as possible.

5. I'd wish for more time.


My biggest fear is that time runs out before I'm ready. Moments end too quickly. The best memories, events, and years, are gone in the blink of an eye. More advancement in technology to let you live longer would allow for more of it all.

6. I wish for happiness.


Whatever my genie thinks will make me truly happy, I want it.

7. I'd wish for cures.


Every ailment and disease needs to have a cure. Mental health and family medical history can really determine a person's whole life, but cures would solve everything.

8. I wish to know if God is real.


My God is based on faith, but I want to know. Is all the pain worth it? Is anybody listening? A 'no' to this question would change a lot of lives, some for the worst but many for the better.

9. I'd wish for advancement.


Advancement piggybacks on equity. It takes advancement to safely and securely get to equity. Our would needs advancement in treatment of people, technology, and so many other things.

10. I wish for more wishes.


C'mon, you knew this one was coming!

Would you make any of the same wishes? Would you change some of mine?

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