5 Fun Things To Do When It's Finally Spring Time Again

1. Have a picnic

This time the weather is at its nicest form, so go take advantage of it and spend time with a friend eating at a park! I am lucky enough to be able to do this activity all year round being a Florida girl. Doing this will help you have quality time with the person you're with. And honestly, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this beautiful weather?

2. Go away

During this time is typical during breaks and when people have the freest time. Going on a vacation with the gals sounds like a plan to me! Maybe the Bahamas on a cruise? Might just have to do that one during the summer coming up!

3. Go to a farmer's market

Fruits and vegetables are blooming and in season, that means you should most definitely hit up the farmer's market in order to get some cute pictures for the feed. not only that, but you can get some fresh food to bring home.

4. Go to an arts festival

There are lots of things and events going on during this time. I know that art festivals and concerts are typical during this time to take some friends and family and check them out. For me, there is already a lot to do around where I am from but there's this one music festival that I must go to every year, TORTUGA!

5. See or play a movie outside

This can be a lot of fun considering that the weather is beautiful. Have you ever seen those pictures on Pinterest of people playing movies on their garages? Yeah, that is what I am talking about. I have never personally done it but it looks cute and I thought that this can be something you can totally do around this time of year.

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