6 Things To Do To Knock Your Quarantine Out Of The Park
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6 Things To Do To Knock Your Quarantine Out Of The Park

The government says I need to stay home but now that makes me want to go out!

6 Things To Do To Knock Your Quarantine Out Of The Park

Work from home, remote learning and so many more things that are making sure we as a community stay home and avoid the public unless it’s essential. This means we are spending lots of time home, maybe alone, maybe with our families, but since it’s government mandated, staying at home doesn't seem so fun anymore. With all the buzz of the virus, the outside world doesn't seem like it is the best place to be right now. So here are some ways you can take advantage of this quarantine and beat it in the butt so you no longer feel trapped.


I for one have never really been a huge puzzle person, but since this quarantine I have felt such a strong urge to get some puzzles going and just pass the time away while using my brain in a way that's better than social media. Whether it be an app or a physical puzzle go start one soon. Just make sure you avoid going to a store to get one since it's not considered essential!


Its the new way, at home workouts! I bet people are going to get rid of their gym memberships after this (probably not). A lot of fitness channels are going live and giving workouts you can do live with them! Or you can just go at your own pace, find some heavy objects in your house and get at it. If you do plan on going in public for a walk, make sure you social distance!

Create fun dinners

This is the only time where you have all day to come up with a new dinner for during the week. Chef it up high class or just something fun, new and creative.

Watch tutorials

This is your chance to learn a new hobby, or just watch how people do one. You can come out of this quarantine with a new skill to put on your resume!

Check into your childhood

This is a perfect time for you to connect with your past, watch old home videos, crank out those PC computer games you played as a kid. I may or may not have signed back into my Webkinz. Catch up with the things that were your childhood and enjoy it while you have that time.

Group face time 

Technology has made it so easy to be with friends while following government guidelines. Start a group chat and just see where it goes from there, you can download apps that allow you to video multiple people and you can enjoy everyones company, in the comfort of your own home!

Don't forget to support local restaurants and business during this pandemic all while staying at home!

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