The modeling industry is very literal and straightforward when it comes to body shape and size. I think the first thing you have to realize when you work in the modeling industry is that measurements are just a technicality.

When a client is looking for a model of a certain shape, size, color, etc. it is nothing personal but simply them having the best interest in mind for their product.

There are various categories of modeling that depending on your height, measurements, and appearance, you may or may not be eligible to work in.

Accepting your market is important.

There is some stigma around high fashion models being the best and most important models.

Their measurement requirements are the smallest and their height requirements are the highest. And although high fashion models work very hard to keep their body looking the way it does, certain genetics are also required for those measurements to even be a possibility and that is hugely important to remember.

What I am saying is that not everyone can really ever be that slim and that tall, and it is dangerous to try to achieve when your body is not built that way.

And on that same note, there are other markets like fitness and swimwear where a high fashion model will rarely be hired because the clients want someone with more muscle tone. I think this is a lesson everyone can carry with them every day in the life: we are all built differently and you can't try to look any way that isn't realistic for you personally.