For many, being at college is equivalent to freedom; you can eat whatever, sleep whenever, do whatever (except studying, of course). However, college life isn't as straight-forward or perhaps as freeing as you might expect. In fact, there are some things that almost all students do that inherently make life so much more difficult than it should be.

*in no particular order

1. Sleeping late

Whether it be from studying or binging Netflix, sleeping late is perhaps the number one thing that you, as the student, have the most control over. Based on previous knowledge, a young adult must get at minimum seven hours of sleep. You may call yourself a night owl or whatnot, but honestly, sleeping late is not at all healthy for the brain and body.

2. Eating

Okay, the diner food may not be the best, but it is important to eat at least twice a day. Stop eating cup ramen or snacking on granola bars - your body needs more than just fried egg noodles and a mass of oats. Go to the diner and eat your vegetables, your protein, and your dessert. Go with friends or (discreetly) pack some food in a Tupperware to eat later.

3. Walking alone at night

This one is more for the women than it is for the men, but either way, the campus is not the most safe. Try to avoid walking alone at night, especially in really dark places on campus. Walk in small groups or use the shuttle. You may be a skilled martial artist or have no fear, but you never know what's going to happen.

4. Talking to family

With homework and a social life, sometimes, college creeps to the forefront of your mind that you can't even call back your parents. Don't do this. Your parents will never dislike hearing from you; it may get annoying to keep remembering to call them, but once you get in the habit, you'll realize that parents deserve your time and effort.

5. Hanging with friends

Don't become a hermit because it's not worth it. You don't have to go to parties or big events; even just a small get-together weekly or a meal with a friend will keep you afloat amid papers and exams. If you're an introvert, I realize it may be more difficult to get outside, but just going to the gym will do wonders to your mood and well-being.

6. Using a planner

A planner may be extra weight in your bag, but it is essential; heck, even non-students use planners. You don't have to be the most organized person to have a planner - it's literally just bound-up paper that you can write on to remind yourself to not procrastinate. Once you use it, you can never go back, especially because it feels so rewarding when you cross off a task.

7. Wearing contacts

Contacts are so convenient and so useful. However, your eyeballs need to breathe! Try to alternate days in which you would wear contacts and then glasses. Or, just try to immediately take out your contacts when you come back to the dorm (and have nowhere pressing to go afterwards). Your eyes will thank you, especially if they have been staring at blue light for the whole day.