6 Things You Most Definitely Should NOT To Do As A College Roommate

The college workload is stressful enough the way it is, but when you add a bad roommate into the mix, things tend to become even more stressful.

With finals week quickly approaching, and stress levels being at an all-time high, being (and having) a good roommate is essential to your success.

Here are a few "don'ts" of being a roommate:

1. Don't be your roommate's unwanted alarm clock.

If your roommate doesn't have to wake up as early as you do for your first class, don't be a jerk and wake them up too. Sleep is VITAL and every extra minute counts. Be respectful of that.

2. Don't just ASSUME they're okay with having guests in the room.

Just because you want to hang out with your friends, doesn't mean your roommate wants to hang out with your friends. Ask them before bringing guests over, don't just assume. You know what happens when you assume...

3. Don't make your mess your roommate's mess.

Dorm rooms are SMALL, but everyone likes their own personal space. If your side of the room is messy, that's fine, but don't let your mess seep over to your roommate's side of the room.

4. Don't forget about personal hygiene.

Don't be THAT person who only showers once a week...

5. Don't distract them when they're studying.

The whole reason you're even in that dorm room is to further your education- don't take that for granted. A dorm room isn't a hotel room or a vacation away from home. If your roommate wants to study in the room, let them be.

6. Don't ever stop communicating with them.

If something about your roommate is bothering you, just talk to them about it. The conflict will go unresolved until it's spoken about. Communication is key when you're living in a dorm room the size of a shoebox with somebody else, don't forget that.

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