What New Year's Resolutions Are Vs. What They Should Be
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What New Year's Resolutions Are Vs. What They Should Be

Students tend to have a common theme in their New Year's resolutions, but we need to make a change.

What New Year's Resolutions Are Vs. What They Should Be

Winter break is the time for college students (of course, aside from the fact that we are away from our friends and second home). It is the break of all breaks, the jolliest time of the year; it is the break we dream about during those sleepless nights of finals week. With winter break being the longest (usually 3 or 4 weeks), we get to sleep and rejuvenate ourselves. We all seem to regain motivation and excitement for the new semester, and seem to all have the mindset of "bring it on, spring semester. Hit me with your best shot!" It's like we transform from zombie to newly energized superhuman.

Wrapped in the sleepy goodness of our time off, we get to indulge ourselves in homemade good old-fashioned mama's cookin', as well as dive into the true holiday spirit with our friends and family. Christmas lights sparkle all around, everyone is happier, and parties are grander. Then, the big finale of the holiday season takes place: New Year's Eve. And, of course, with the New Year, comes the thing we all hear about, yet never seem to "stick to". That's right... New Years Resolutions.

The student body as a whole generally has similar themed resolutions, regardless of our age or geography. Do better in school, get a 4.0, at least two hours a day in the library... no less! Lose 10 pounds, go to the gym every day, don't even think about going through the drive-through... salads are your new best friend. Don't you dare stay up all night studying ever again... we all need 8 hours of sleep... every night this semester... team HEALTH!

Those are the typical college New Year's Resolutions.

Maybe we need to focus on resolutions that better suit our interests, make us happy, and add excitement to our lives rather than dread. As Spring semester is fast approaching, or already begun for some of you, let's make 2018 the year of self-recognition and excitement. College is hard enough as it is, and I think if we all took the time to select one or two of these ideas below, we would all have a newfound joy in these upcoming months. Here are some fresh, new resolutions I bet you've never heard of, and if you have, well, you're already one step ahead of the game.

1. Bake a new recipe at least once a week.

2. Keep a daily journal. Write about your experiences, feelings, and ambitions.

3. Read a new book at least once a month.

4. Smile at least 3 strangers throughout the day.

5. Spend one hour a day, minimum, on YOU. Do something that makes YOU happy (nap, watch a show, do your nails, etc...)

6. Call a different family member each day, or week.

7. For every 20 dollars you make, save 5.

8. Find a new outdoor study space instead of constantly being in the library.

9. Take the time to join a club you've never thought of joining (who knows, you might find yourself invested in a fun, new hobby!)

10. Bake more.

11. Check your horoscope each morning (if you're into that).

12. Hug your friends more.

13. Treat yourself once a month. Buy that shirt you want, order that meal you're craving for a self on self-date night. Buy yourself beautiful flowers.

14. Write more. Get a pen pal.

15. Gather a list of restaurants in your area you've always wanted to try, and go to one each time you go out (instead of the same 4, on repeat). Add some variety!

16. Pull an all-nighter. The fun kind.

17. Spend 30 minutes to make a new playlist instead of watching a Netflix episode. Music is more stimulating. (New playlist for each season?)

18. Write more thank you notes.

19. Go to a new fun class at the gym with your friends. Try a new one each week.

20. Knock something off your bucket list... you're never too young to enjoy life.

21. Meatless Mondays.

22. Sugar-Free Sundays (Give yourself a break on Saturdays!)

23. Do something that scares you.

24. For every meal you eat, drink at least 24 ounces of water. In addition to a beverage of your choice!

25. Say yes to everything for a week, or month (if you dare). Of course, only to safe and legal things. Maybe you'll expand your comfort zone.

26. Surprise your friends more.

27. Make it a priority to meet each of your professors face to face.

28. Learn a fun party game, show it off when you go somewhere with friends.

29. Choose someone you're not "friends" with, and take them out for a meal.

30. Stay in the loop with current events.

31. Make it a priority to volunteer with your friends. Pick a different shelter or organization, and give 5-15 hours of your time a month.

32. Choose a new brunch destination every Sunday.

33. When you tell someone "let's meet up soon", actually do it.

34. Pay it forward.

35. Evaluate your days at the end of each day.

36. Think of 3 positives from your day before falling asleep.

Have a great 2018, and make it more about you!

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