A Week In The Life Of An Odyssey Writer

You may read a lot of Odyssey articles and think "I could totally do that." But, do you actually know what the week of an Odyssey writer looks like? I'll give you a little exposé into the weekly process of what a working professional, student writer at Odyssey (NC State community) is like:


You just submitted your article for the week. Hopefully, no one notices just how late you wrote it. Next week you're going to do better. All of these profound ideas are swirling in your head, it's just whether or not you'll be able to clearly articulate them, or if you'll be able to compete with "A List Of The Best Valentine's Day Candy."


"Article needs revision." There's no way. My article was perfect. Anyways, I have time. I'll do it tomorrow.


"Article needs revision." It's 4:55 p.m., and you're logging onto your laptop for the first time all day. Were you doing anything of importance? Mostly just napping, it seems, so there's really no excuse for the tardiness. *Logs on.* Yeah, yeah, trivial mistakes. You just start writing random words for the tags.


You know you should start writing now. You have free time, and the freedom, just not the free will. You will do it tomorrow.


God rested on the seventh day, and that's a good enough reason for you!


Everyone in the group chat keeps talking about the ideas they already have. Some are incredible, others are just clickbait-y enough to get them a lot of reads. What are you doing? You're just scrolling through the group chat waiting for something incredible to happen. You put your phone down. Definitely will get started tomorrow.


Bad habits die hard, don't they? At least you (sorta) have an idea.



People don't know just how hard it is to be a writer for Odyssey. It takes massive amounts of both lethargy, procrastination, and a high score on online speed typing tests. Ultimately though, it makes your mind sharper, your fingers a little quicker, and your time management skills a little more erratic.

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