To everyone stressing over the unknown of the future...this one is for you

.....and me as well.

To say that I am stressed is an understatement. I have piles of work and ideas stacked up higher than I can count and have felt so uninspired. Over the years here at school, I have found such relief in writing and putting my jumbled brain down on paper. Lately, that hasn't been the case. Have you ever felt so busy and so overwhelmed that you can't seem to get yourself to do any of it? Current mood.

Talking about the internship world can be exhausting watching wanted opportunities frequently say "no" or "another time". This spring semester I have felt a weight of pressure regarding my summer and my future to the point where I want to just go home and regain wanted and desired inspiration and passion.

But, enough of my bs. Probably like a lot of you, I unload a lot of my stress on my mom thinking that even at the age of 21 she can do something about it. I recently told her about my lack of passion and desire and she gave me some of the best advice at just the right time. So, if you are just as stressed as I was, I hope this can help you too.

"You have what it takes to take"

You, yes I am talking to you, have what it takes to take. And that sentence right there filled my heart with the relief and structure I was so willingly trying to find. Only God knows our direction and the path that we are going to find ourselves going down. We cannot control our future and we cannot control what it will look like, where it will be, and who will be in it. That might freak some of you out, but for me, it is such a blessing of reassurance. Sure, we can do things to help our future and help guide us in being successful and intelligent and kind people but the path isn't up to us, it's a plan. I recently came upon a quote from someone that said, "Do not worry, your lifeguard walks on water." He won't let us sink, but we have to push ourselves to a greater standard and continue to work hard to find success and happiness in our everyday lives.

What can we be doing to relieve stress? Taking. Taking every opportunity. I was reassured that I have built opportunities for myself that should allow me to feel confident in who I am and the passions that I have worked so hard to find and grow. Because I have built something I should be proud of, things like internships and working opportunities will come when they come. It is out of my court. And what is that? Patience. Patience should be my motto for 2019. I have been working so much on understanding the word and meaning behind patience and what that can look like for me in my everyday life. Our generation has allowed ourselves to believe everything should come to us exactly when we want it or need it. Well, that's not the case and that can be understood through growing in my patience and waiting for the right opportunities to come around, not jumping at the first one.

Throughout this semester I have secretly had so much build up of anxiety wondering what more I can do in all aspects of my life. My mom reminded me that I was going about it the wrong way. God will take the reins and guide me through this journey. I need an optimistic outlook on my future to gain control and take what is presented to me. We need to strive to be positive, loving, and hardworking people to put our very best foot forward. Then, you have what it takes to take.