The Scariest Thing About Rape
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The Scariest Thing About Rape

It's not just sex.

The Scariest Thing About Rape

Imagine if something that was created to give pleasure was instead used for torture, how would you react? Picture this, you're not hungry but someone keeps insisting that you are. They keep annoying you no matter how many times you say no. They compliment you, try to convince you to change your mind, even start to bribe you with something you will enjoy, you stick to your feelings and tell them you're not hungry. Would you still expect them to try and push it down your throat even after you continously explained that you weren't hungry, or just didn't feel like it eating at the time. After all the refusual and fighting, if they still force fed you, would you still say the experience was enjoyable? So why would anybody ever think it was acceptable to stick their privates inside of someone without their permission?

This video showcases an amazing metaphor about consent:

Is it still forced feeding if your body doesn't throw it up? Is it still forced feeding if your body takes the food's nutrients? If it is still forced feeding, then why do people dismiss rape saying, "if it's a legitimate rape, the body has a way to shut that whole thing down." These are the words of Sen. Claire McCaskill, which, put simply, seem to imply "they had an orgasm." Though most women dream of achieving orgasm during intercourse, it is a natural response towards sex. A body cannot necessarily control its reaction in that moment or what happens afterward. This includes pregnancy.

The idea that a woman cannot bear children through rape is so unethical it is almost humorous. "It is almost but not quite impossible to become pregnant on the basis of rape. The odds are one in millions and millions and millions"- Rep. Stephen Freind. Yes. OK. Because the body doesn't have a choice about doing it's job. Body can't say: "I'm going to reject the sperm cell". As much as a woman could say "no" , natural causes does not have that privilege.

Is it possible to not get pregnant through rape? Yes. Is the likelihood of pregnancy lower in comparison to consensual sex? No. If the body had a natural defense mechanism against rape, don't you think people would be able to prevail in situations like this?

Let's not forget that men can get raped, too. It is not taboo to hear a man say that they have gotten raped. The problem in this society is that masculinity is painted on with a facade. Apparently, men must want sex at all times, men are dogs and they constantly look for anything that could breastfeed and carry children so they must be sexually attracted to it, and if they don't live up to this standard they are not "man" enough and they need to go through edits.

There are plenty of stories about men who don't want to have sex but they are still forced. Those cases get overlooked because of the stereotype "you didn't get raped, you enjoyed it." Just because someone gets an erection, doesn't mean that they are turned on. Erections come up for simple things like a random draft in the wrong place.

Just like a woman's body can sexually react even if the person isn't turned on themselves, the samme occurs for men. That doesn't grant forced entry.There's no excuse for rape. Even if you bought them various drinks, took them on a nice date, strip teased, ask them to come home, bought them a nice gift, sent them sexy text messages, there are no excuses.

So stop trying to find them.

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