The Green New Deal, is a proposed policy set forth by the U.S., that aims to address climate change and economic quality. This proposal will basically convert the economy we have now, and have been using for years, into a more sustainable economy that is environmentally, economically, and socially sound.

The Green New Deal is incredibly important when it comes to environmental issues, especially with the production of green house emissions, that is tied to global warming and rising sea levels. According to, this proposal will tackle the climate crisis we face at a global scale, promoting quick action to get to net-zero green house gas emissions, as well as 100% renewable energy by 2030. In addition, it will create an "Economic Bill of Rights," that will be the right to single payer healthcare, a guaranteed job at living wage, and affordable housing, as well as free college education .

The National Green Party's hope for implementing the Green New Deal, is that it will revive the economy, reduce our contributions to climate change, and obliterate the wars regarding oil. Moving to cleaner energy means more jobs and work opportunities, as well as create a safer, healthier environment for all, preventing fossil-fuel diseases like asthma, heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

The Green New Deal initiatives set forth by the National Green Party include, halting the WWII-scale national mobilization contributing to climate change, creating 20 million jobs by using 100% renewable energy, investing in environmentally conscious transits, agriculture, conservation and infrastructure, ensure income and benefits when workers displaced are transitioning to alternative works, conserve human energy, treat it as a human right, provide renewable and clean energy sources, end harmful energy extractions and associations, end all fossil fuel subsidies, and impose a greenhouse gas/fee/tax to charge polluters for their damage.

The climate crisis is a threat to the survival of humanity and all life on Earth. Investing in a more sustainable greener way of living will benefit all at a global scale. Transitioning to 100% greener energy by 2030 and a more sustainable economy, agricultural purposes and promoting and supporting conservation will create a healthier environment and world, for us all.

Support the progressive vision, for environmental sustainability and economic stability for all.