America: What In The Hell Is Happening Here?
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America: What In The Hell Is Happening Here?

The whole country is having a mental breakdown.

America: What In The Hell Is Happening Here?

I cannot begin to fathom the depths of confusion I have when I look at this country. This is supposed to be the place that I can call home, brag about, be happy about. And yet, when I look at it, I ask myself if this is the same country I was born in. It's gotten so ridiculous, that I genuinely cannot understand the sheer stupidity and ignorance of the American population.

I'll give some examples:

1. We protect rapists.

WHAT? Rapists? We PROTECT rapists? Are you seriously kidding me right now America? Is this a joke? Brock Turner (a white boy) goes and sexually assaults an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and you mean to tell me that all he gets is 3 months in jail? What kind of crap is that? "Oh he needs to enjoy the college experience." "Well the woman needed to stop being a slut." I'm literally screaming behind my desk right now. This white, privileged, raping, good-for-nothing freak is literally walking around free with nothing but a label on his head and the woman is scarred for the rest of her blessed life. Literally, his parents called her a slut. How? Do you know what a slut is you uneducated twit? Let me give you the definition:

Slut: A woman who has many casual sexual partners or has loose sexual morals.

Seeing that she was UNCONSCIOUS; how do you come to the conclusion that she is a slut? By your logic, you are a slut yourself, you idiot.

2. Relationships

What the hell are relationships these days? I swear these relationships are less valid than Sarah Palin. And that's hard to do. Literally almost no one believes in real love in anymore. It's either, "oh he's a f*ck-boy" or "oh she's a hoe". Literally that's it. What? Have our standards dropped so low that this is why people can't get into decent, long-lasting relationships? Even Yoda can't reach your low standards and he's more down to earth than anyone. I have some solutions to this.

Boys: For the love of all that is holy and good in this world; STOP DRESSING LIKE A BUM. I am SICK, and I mean SICK of seeing all of these men walking around like when they've never heard of a damn belt. Stop wearing your pants beneath your behind you imbecile. Do you even know what that signifies? It means, for men who are in prison, that they are homosexual. It does not mean that they are cute. It does not mean it's a fashion trend. It doesn't mean any of those things. So stop acting like an idiot and dress yourself properly. Y'all be some of the first ones to be complaining about girls being un-faithful, when in reality, they just don't wanna go out with you because you look like something my dog pooped out after dinner. Also, when a girl says no; IT MEANS NO YOU DIMWIT.

Girls: Stop assuming that all guys are worthless. A lot of them are. But there are many that aren't. I'm living proof. Also, if you're leading a guy on, STOP IT. It's irritates me to no end, when a girl just pretends like she's interested in you and will be all flirty with you and then the guy finds out that she's sleeping with someone else. This is why the man to "f*ck-boy" ratio is so low. Because a lot of you create them. Now now, guys are guilty of this too, but I ranted on them already. Also, particularly for the younger teens, don't just go sleeping with any guy you find and then you end up pregnant. Cause as soon as you get pregnant, he is gone. "Oh I thought he would stay with me." He did. Until you got pregnant. Did you not see the "For Rent" sign on your face? Be more careful.

3. Stupid Politics

I don't know what we pay politicians for these days. They complain about the stupidest things I couldn't even conceive of. "OH we can't have transgenders going in male or female restrooms. They might rape someone." First of all, what the hell do you care you rape defending bigot? You let Brock Turner roam free so I don't see why the hell your pants are all tight for. Secondly, who the hell cares? They're going to use the bathroom. Not have a sexual encounter with little Jimmy or Sarah in the stall. There are cameras in public restrooms. Not to mention, sound reflects off of those walls like crazy and people are going in and out of the bathrooms all the time. Someone will notice. I'm sure you don't have a men and women bathroom in your house do you? No, you don't so please shut up.

I don't know man. America is mind boggling to me. I never thought we would descend this far down into stupidity. Just when I think we can't possibly get any dumber because we would essentially forget how to live, I'm proven wrong. I'm about to just become a psychology major and study how progressively idiotic we as a country are becoming. I'm afraid, however, that too much exposure to it will have a negative impact on my brain like reality TV shows. Well, if all else fails, there's always Canada or Australia.

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