What I hate about women's jeans.

Ah, jeans.

The clothing item that seems to go with any shirt.

The clothing item that can be both casual and sort of formal.

And the clothing item women hate shopping for the most. Well, it's either jeans or bras, but for similar reason.

I just went shopping for jeans this past Sunday at Old Navy, and I was reminded why I hate doing this.

In fact, I thought of six reasons why.

1. There are way too many types of jeans.


Take Old Navy, for example, where I just went. They have skinny, boot cut, mid-rise, high-rise, and something called a "rockstar." And they are all subtly different, and you don't notice these differences until you try them on. Speaking of trying them on...

2. You need different sizes for different types


Do you think you know your pant size? Think again! Your jean size is completely different than your regular pant size. And you need a different size for each type of jean. For example, I am a medium in high-rise rockstar jeans, but a large in skinny jeans. But size doesn't matter because...

3. All of them always feel too tight


And not just the skinny jeans. All jeans somehow feel way too small. Even the ones that are supposedly in your size. But you have to stick to that size, because...

4. When you try to go up a size, to get more room, they're way too big


It seems like when you go up just one size, they fall down.

5. There are many different types, but only one actually flatters you.

Like I said in point number one, there are many different styles, however only one style actually flatters you, and you have to only buy that style for the rest of your life.

6. They don't actually look all that good.


Let's be honest here, jeans aren't that amazing. When's the last time you told someone "cool jeans" or "I like those jeans?" Never. Because they all look the same, and they all serve a similar purpose, to be something that doesn't take away from or clash with our shirts, and something that you can just throw on and don't have to wash.

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