Fall Essentials I Bought In My First Shopping Trip In Months
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I Went To The Mall For The First Time In MONTHS For Fall Trend Shopping — Here's What I Got

My personal thoughts about my most recent shopping experience during the pandemic and some fall fashion trends I'm loving this season.

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I have yet to find anything better than some good old retail therapy to boost my mood. Shopping has always been one of my favorite pastimes as I love putting outfits together and the excitement of adding new pieces to my closet.

Truly, nothing beats the feeling of walking out of a store, shopping bags in hand.

Though when the pandemic hit, that was sadly no longer an option, and I fell victim to the endless scrolling that is online shopping, which I'm sure many of us can relate to. While online shopping is fun and all, I desperately missed the in-person shopping experience and all that comes with it.

I took a trip to the mall this past weekend for the first time in months, and it is safe to say I haven't been around that many people in quite a long time. Even though everyone was masked up and socially distant, it was really nice to feel a sense of normalcy as we browsed through the mall.

I was excited to shop for some staple pieces for the colder months which are quickly approaching.

It is reassuring to see that even in these crazy times fashion trends are still developing and changing. I am still able to express myself through my clothing and style which, thankfully, is something the pandemic hasn't changed.

While this may seem like something small, it has made me happy throughout these last few months to be able to continue to develop my own personal style which is something I have always loved doing.

While we are still in the midst of a pandemic, it is still fun to acquire a few new pieces to update your wardrobe for the new season.

Let's face it, wearing a bomb outfit is a sure-fire way to instantly put yourself in a better mood, right?

Especially during these uncertain times, I have relied on the little things to put a smile on my face, such as treating myself to a new fall jacket or accessory.

Whether shopping online or in-person, I hope you have fun making these fall trends your own and incorporating them into your wardrobes.

Here are a few fall fashion trends I picked up on throughout my most recent shopping spree:

Cropped Cardigans


That's right, cardigans have made a comeback. Not to be confused with your middle school Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan, but rather, cardigans have had a bit of a "glow up" if you will, and cropped button-up styles are so popular at the moment.

Ranging from chunkier to more fitted styles, you can choose to wear them buttoned up or open; cardigans are a great staple to have in your wardrobe for the upcoming cooler months.

Faux Leather Everything


I have always loved a good leather jacket, so it is so exciting to see faux leather being incorporated into different clothing pieces this season.

From leather liquid leggings and leather pants and skirts, to oversized faux leather blazers — a trendier take on the more traditional leather jacket — faux leather is a great way to add a bit of edge to any outfit this fall and winter.

Puffer Jackets


Puffer jackets are a nice change of pace for the fall and winter months as compared to the more traditional parka jackets. Personally, I feel like the length and bulkiness of parkas swallow me up, so a shorter, more shapely puffer jacket is a good option if you feel the same as me.

Coming in many different materials and styles, you are sure to find the right one for you.

Cute Loungewear


Many of us are living in baggy sweats and sweatshirts in the comfort of our own dorms and apartments while on Zoom, and thankfully we can still feel like we are wearing our pajamas out in public as many brands are selling soft and comfortable loungewear while still managing to look stylish.

The theme among these loungewear items is a monochromatic color scheme which not only makes it easy to put together an outfit but also keeps you looking chic while wearing sweatpants.

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