If you knew me, you'd know I've never been too convinced that the Enneagram test held any kind of real truth. Much like star signs, the numbered personality traits always looked to me like a fun way to excuse a controlling personality or tendency to make rash, spontaneous decisions. One day, however, I sat down and took the test. And as I read my results, I was shocked with how strongly I identified with almost all of the listed characteristics. As I've continued looking into my results, I've found that there is a lot of beautiful insight and truth to be learned within that little test. I am a Type 7. If you identify with the traits listed below, you might be as well. Enthusiasts, we really out here:

1. You often ignore your anxiety.

Stress? Responsibility? Internal turmoil? Sounds like a no from me, dawg. If you're anything like me, you're really good at finding ways to ignore anxiety when it starts to bubble up. Take up a new project. Go for a run. Fill your schedule so full that you don't have time to deal with the issues that matter. It's almost as easy as ghosting someone - if you don't respond to them, then they don't exist, right? (Disclaimer: it's just as easy to ghost your anxiety, but equally unhealthy).

2. You battle major FOMO.

Sure, everyone hates being left out, but when you're a Type 7, you'd almost rather sell your soul than miss out on something. Why settle on one ice cream flavor when you could try them all? Why not take that spontaneous road trip? Why not give that organization a shot? It may cost you, but most good things require sacrifice. The desperate need to be involved in everything can often be quite problematic. Sometimes there just isn't enough time/money/sanity to do everything, but Type 7's will spread themselves thin trying.

3. You need stimulation. Always.

Down time? Who is she? It's not like you intentionally move from one thing onto the next, to the next, to the next. That's just what makes you happiest. Type 7's need to be busy to keep themselves satisfied. There is so much to be experienced and so little time, so why waste it?

4. You learn by trial and error.

7's learn by experience. How can we know if we're making the right choice until we've actually attempted it ourselves? For us, advice often doesn't go over very well: "Yeah, what you're telling me sounds accurate, but...I really have to experience it for myself before I know." And if we inevitably fail? That's a pretty clear sign not to do it again.

5. Your spontaneity sometimes gets the best of you. 

So maybe committing to a summer program in Ecuador before knowing where the funds are coming from wasn't a great idea… it just sounded like such a good idea in the moment. Besides, it'll all work itself out. Maybe.

6. You have a hard time committing.

Type 7s are always on the hunt for the thing that will make them happiest. The only problem is that we don't know what that thing is. Giving one option an absolute "yes" means running the risk of making the wrong decision and consequently passing up the thing you really wanted. Of course, this can spiral into a miserable cycle of never committing to anything and realizing too late that we let a good thing slip away.

7. You're honestly just excited to be alive.

Type 7's exist in the wonderfully paradoxical situation of living life as a beautiful nightmare. Life is hard, but we always come out okay on the other side. We have a hard day and shake it off. We live in the moment and appreciate what's around us. We have our flaws, but lacking excitement for life is not one of them.