Our lives seem to be written in the stars and why things happen to us have meanings behind them. Currently, we are going through the retrograde of the planet Venus that started October 6th and will end November 16th... but what even is retrograde? A retrograde is an apparent change in which a planet seems to be moving the opposite way. This isn't true even though people like to say it is, the planet does not actually move backward.

Although it does not physically move "backward" there are astrology fanatics, like myself, that believe that these retrogrades mean something. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

So when you hear "my sign isn't compatible with yours because I'm a Gemini" yeah, that's astrology and yes, I am one of those people in case you were wondering.

As Venus is known to be the planet of love and values this is a time to reassess who and what we value in our life. So that being said this time is known for rethinking our personal relationships whether it comes to friendships or love lives. During this time people are known to make impulse decisions when it comes to love or even getting a crazy new haircut. If you have an impulse to do something drastic it is best to wait after this retrograde because you will most likely regret it afterward.

It is also said that past relationship partners may reappear during this time so watch out. This retrograde is said to be most sensitive to the signs Libra and Taurus. In other words, this retrograde will be affecting them the most out of the others. Even though this might all sound a little wacky when reading out loud to myself I have always found the study of astrology and all of this so intriguing. I love being able to learn more about myself and others when looking at their charts and why they are the way they are.