I often wonder what thoughts run through my dog's mind. Is she content? Is she sad? Do I treat her well? Is she thinking about any of the same things as I?

I recently moved into a new house. My dog – Cheyenne – went from living with my parents to living with me. About a week after moving, I took Cheyenne back to my parent's house for a Christmas Day visit. On our way home, Cheyenne sat quietly in the front seat. She merely sat there and watched out the window. She watched cars go by. She occasionally glanced at me. All the while with a blank expression.

I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking. Would she rather stay with my parents? She lived with them for 10 years, after all. Is she content living with me? I work a lot so I don't have as much time to walk her. I do my best to give her as much attention as she needs.

She doesn't always eat her dinner. She paces the house at night. She anxiously licks the fur off her leg. I do as much as I can to socialize her and maker her comfortable but I'm afraid it's not enough.

So when she was sitting quietly on the front seat that night, I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking. And as much as I'd love if she could tell me, I'm also grateful she gives me silent companionship when I need her to listen. As long as she's happy, I don't need to know what she's thinking.