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What Animal Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Ever wonder what your true spirit animal is?

What Animal Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

This list is comprised of multiple different animals and their matching zodiac sign, based off of the most well-known traits for each of the 12 astrological signs. Which one are you? Let's find out!

1. Aquarius - Dolphin

Aquarius babies are extremely social and intelligent, much like the dolphin. Aquarius is often mistaken for a water sign, but in reality, it's an air sign. Similarly, dolphins are mammals that breathe in air, although many believe they are fish.

2. Pisces - Japanese Puffer Fish

Pisces is symbolized by two fish as a water sign, but they are more specifically related to the Japanese Puffer Fish. Like Pisces, these fish are extremely artistic and sensitive. This picture shows a tiny Japanese Puffer Fish beside the beautiful crop circle that he made himself out of the sand on the bottom of the ocean.

3. Aries - Bird

Aries are known for their independence and leadership. Much like a bird, Aries is ambitious and not afraid to spread their wings to fly into any situation.

4. Taurus - Cow

People born under Taurus tend to be very down-to-earth, practical, and reliable. They appreciate small pleasures in life, such as peaceful environments. Cows are an extremely reliable source of goods, and they are most content when relaxing in a tranquil environment.

5. Gemini - Hyena

Much like a hyena, Gemini babies are able to get serious extremely quickly, but they are also very fun and always up for a laugh.

6. Cancer - Dog

Cancers are like a man's best friend; they are extremely sympathetic to the people they care about, reliable, and able to easily pick up the energy in any situation.

7. Leo - Cat

Leo is a fire sign, automatically proclaiming them fierce and demanding. Much like cats, Leos are driven by their need for attention and thrive under their royal spotlight.

8. Virgo - Spider

Virgos and spiders are alike in the way that both strive for perfection, and they use their intelligence, modesty, and patience until their practice makes perfect.

9. Libra - Monarch Butterfly

People born under the days of the air sign Libra are devoted to symmetry and equality, and they enjoy beauty and tranquility, much like the appearance of the Monarch Butterfly.

10. Scorpio - Sea Moccasin

Scorpios are known for being strong and assertive water signs with a mysterious appearance. The Sea Moccasin is a water snake that becomes strong and assertive when necessary, and is often mystifying when spotted in the water.

11. Sagittarius - Wild Horse

Sagittarius babies are best symbolized as a wild horse. They are nomadic and embrace change, going after adventures and living to experience the world through their travels.

12. Capricorn - Ram

Rams are the spirit animal of the Capricorns. These animals appreciate the Earth that Capricorn is categorized under, and they are strong-minded and practical.

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