Disclaimer: I do not represent any group I list below. I may affiliate, but I am not in any leadership position or important position.

Let's start basic. I am from Texas, but was raised in Ohio and Oklahoma. Surprise, a conservative that was born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma. I am 19 and I am Hispanic. Not Mexican. My family hails from Uruguay. I am also a white man with brown eyes and brown hair. Nothing too special there. I am a very average person. I am a musician and a staunch conservative. Kind of. I am very conservative on fiscal issues, but primarily liberal on most social issues. I personally value fiscal issues over social ones.

I am anti-abortion for a litany of reasons, but that story is best saved for another time. I am pro-gay rights and am a first wave feminist. If you don't know about the waves of feminism, look them up. It is extremely interesting how feminism/egalitarianism has evolved. I believe third wave feminism is idiotic and a waste of time. I am not associated with many things belonging to the third wave. I am extremely average in most ways. I am average height, build, weight, and ideals. I am pro capitalism and believe it is the best economic structure by far. I am pro-Trump although he says some of the stupidest things. I am a believer that Trump will get reelected in 2020.

I am a Christian. I value all people equally. I believe no one person is greater than another in intrinsic value. That is not to say that some people are not better than others at specific things. I, for one, cannot play a piano to save my life, but I know several people who can. I am a philosopher. If I were not Christian, I would believe in the field of existentialism, the belief that life has no particular meaning and that you must make one. I am a believer in facts, not opinions. If you do not have facts to back up an opinion and just use emotions, or pathos for those English nerds, then I will not be inclined to listen to you. Facts are important. I am a believer that discourse is the number one most important thing to the United States at this present moment. Discourse can drive political discussion, but screaming and yelling is counterproductive and plainly childish and stupid.

Now what am I not?

I am not a socialist. I believe Bernie Sanders is a dreamer and all of his "facts" are plainly incorrect. For example, his calling the Nordic Countries a "utopia" is completely incorrect. The Nordic Countries socialist structures are driven behind capitalist ideals and supported through capitalism. I am not a democrat. I am not in support of any socialized health care. I do not believe it works.

So this is who I am. Enough to fill up almost 500 words. Wow.