Westville Is The Best Place To Eat Like A Local In NYC

This article could easily be about the best hotdog stand or dollar slice spot, but if you're looking for that, my brother can help you. I'm talking about the most insta-worthy, cute location where you can actually get real food, even if you're a picky eater like myself.

While I was born and raised in good old New Jersey, a piece of my heart has always been in New York City. With constant trips to my favorite place in the world, I eventually was tired of eating places made for tourists. Nothing feels more insulting than your waiter asking, "So, where are you guys visiting from?"....Like, do I look like I don't belong here?

I will admit, 99% of the time I am going to the Big Apple, it's to see a Broadway show, so I don't really want to travel far out of the Times Square area. That really leaves you with limited choices outside of places like "Hard Rock Cafe" or "Bubba Gump" (which are both awesome and if you have not been you totally should go). After once or twice those can get old and turn into unnecessary dollar signs.

After trial and error for years, I finally found "Westville" and I promise you, you will never want to eat anywhere ever again. "Westville" is the cutest, little, casual American dining spot that will fill you up and not break the bank!

The aesthetic of this place is so pleasing to the eye with rustic vibes that suit the fact that the restaurant supports farm to table eating as well as simplicity at its most delicious.

You can get every meal of the day here and none of them will disappoint! For someone like me, finding a trendy restaurant where I can still get something I'm really going to enjoy is nearly impossible and that's what makes "Westville" so special! I've never once brought someone here that hasn't enjoyed it!

While there's one right in Hell's Kitchen, there are also six other locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, so wherever you're next NYC adventure takes you, "Westville" should definitely fit into your plans!

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