Wenyun: The Social Butterfly

Meet Wenyun:

Ohhhhhh dear Wenyun. Our time together was too short. Between all of your traveling, events, and parties we simply did not get enough time together. You are the social butterfly of Holger. I don’t think anyone went to as many school sponsored events as you did, and I don’t think anyone else knew that many people outside of Holger. I mean, seriously. Every time we went ANYWHERE, this girl was pulled to the side time after time by random people that wanted to say hi. Not only was she one of the most active and popular members of Holger, but she was just so friendly! Jeez woman, you are so clearly Canadian. Sweet, familiar, thoughtful, and just awesome all over. This is the girl that remembers little details about everyone, making you feel important. She really listened when we talked, she genuinely cares and that is rare. Every time she came back from a trip and hung out with us it just felt like she never left. We always picked up right where we left off. As if all of this was not enough to love this 22- year- old exchange student, she is ALWAYS feeding us. Any time I walked into her kitchen and she was in town there was at least five other people in there cooking with her or waiting to be fed by her. Trust me, her pasta salad is A+.

Wenyun, if you are reading this, my favorite memory with you is when you got back from one of your many trips (I think Barcelona) you were in the kitchen preparing your Netto salad (putting the dressing on it) and I told her I had gone on a date. The sheer joy in her voice that came from someone actually going out and meeting real Danes that did not come from Tinder was priceless. I told her all about my date, without sparing any details. It took me so long to tell her all about it, because I kept getting off track. She kept saying things like, “OH MY GOSH THIS IS LIKE A MOVIE!” or “GET BACK TO THE STORY! YOU CAN’T JUST STOP THAT WAY!” I’ve never told any story to such a lively audience of one. The best part was that, for weeks after the initial date story, she would ask me about him every time she saw me and she would get super excited every time.

It warms my heart to know I had the opportunity to meet such a caring person. I can’t wait to come see you in Canada. Love you!

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