With cold hands and thick sweaters, we say hello to the 2nd month of 2017. There are lots of things to look forward to during February, and no, I’m not just referring to Valentine’s Day. The beginning of February is one more month until warm weather(which, if you live in Roswell, is coming up pretty quickly), one more month until spring break, one more month until summer vacation. So hang in there! Your next chance to breathe is closer than you realize! I think I speak for all of us when I say that the beginning of this not-so new year was a little rocky. With that being said, My general message for you all today is to take all that you can get out of this month, work everyday to better yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Also, since we are getting back into school, I encourage you all to work hard but not to stress yourselves out too badly. Give yourselves time to improve and do more of what you love this month, set goals and do everything you can to reach them. Don’t waste a single opportunity. As for those who enter this new month with a heavy heart: Try your best to think of this as a fresh start, a clean slate, a January 2.0 if you will. One more day lived with an open mind is one more day closer to living with an open heart. I urge you all to welcome February with outstretched arms and an optimistic mindset. Take it from me, it helps!