College is wild, y'all. You find out there is a greater variety of people and ideas than you ever could've imagined. For example, you might discover that your weird food combinations aren't quite as weird as you thought. Here are 11 of those combinations my friends and I apparently swear by.

1. Potato chips dipped in applesauce

Potato Chips

I'll vouch for this one myself. The sweetness and the saltiness balance each other out, and this combo tastes as nostalgic as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just like the lunches your mom used to make.

2. Salted soft pretzel dipped in cream cheese

Pretzel and Cream Cheese

This one threw me a bit, but it's actually not that bad. Because of the salt though, it's not as sweet as one would expect, but it works because of the similarity of the pretzel to a bagel.

3. Salted soft pretzel covered in jelly


If this isn't a mess waiting to happen, I don't know what is. But I mean if it tastes good, I guess it's worth a shot.

4. Onion rings dipped in cheese sauce

Onion Rings

Something just seems wrong about this, even though it's not very different than cheese fries.

5. BBQ chips topped with cottage cheese

BBQ Chips

Maybe the flavor of the chips complements the texture of the cottage cheese? I don't know, man, but I hear it tastes good.

6. Salted watermelon


The salt and the wateriness of the watermelon probably create a decent balance, but it's just not normal.

7. Applesauce mixed with macaroni and cheese

Mac and Cheese

This sounds like a gooey disaster, but it probably tastes like being a kid again.

8. Mayo on a pulled pork sandwich

Pulled Pork

This sounds like too much sauce to me, but the mayo probably tames the BBQ flavor and makes for a more neutral sandwhich.

9. Goldfish in SpaghettiOs 


Many people put Goldfish in their tomato soup, and SpaghettiOs are somewhere between tomato soup and spaghetti. It seems reasonable.

10. Chicken tenders dipped in applesauce

Chicken Tenders

Applesauce seems to go with a lot of different foods. This one is interesting though, to say the least.

11. Pretzel sticks dipped in ranch


Personally, I don't think the texture of the sticks goes with the flavor of the ranch, but if it works, it works.

Now go on and eat at your own risk. I wish you the best of luck.