25 Super Weird Things That Only Amazon Would Sell To You, Loyal Customer

25 Super Weird Things That Only Amazon Would Sell To You, Loyal Customer

I triple-dog dare you to buy this.

Amazon... what a wonderful website that provides two-day shipping and easy access to dumb things. You can get an abundant amount of stuff that you don't need or get that facemask for super cheap!

1. Unicorn Meat

Unicorn Meat

Pop that can open, and take a wild ride with the mythical animal meat.

2. Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling Pickle

Have you ever wanted to yodel with a pickle? Now's your chance!!

3. Shredded U.S. Money Confetti

Shredded Money Confetti

One word: Why?

4. Bacon Scented Mustache

Bacon Scented Mustache

If you love bacon and want a mustache... I have selected this one specifically for you!

5. Wildly Noisy Wooden Thing

Wildly Noisy Wooden Thing

Just imagine people walking around with this being a nuisance every second of the day. Also, why?

6. Potoo Puppet

Potoo Puppet

I have no idea what to say about this.

7. Handi-Snacks Mr. Salty Pretzel 'n Cheese

Mister Salty

Childhood, dude. Childhood.

8. Fish Pencil Case

Fish Pencil Case

OH, NOOOO! This isn't weird at all!!

9. Cat Butts: A Coloring Book

Cat Butts Coloring Book

Who thought of this???

10. Instant Underpants

Archie McPhee Instant Underpants

Great for on-the-go! If you have a little accident ;) it's right there!

11. Nose Shaped Eye Glasses Holder

Nose Shaped Glasses Holder

Imagine waking up with this staring at you...

12. Pickle Lip Balm

Pickle Lip Balm

Just, gross.

13. Butt Money Bank

Fanny Bank

I have no words.

14. Flying Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Flying Screaming Monkey

Do the people you live with ever get annoying? Here's your solution!

15. Toilet Mug

Toilet Coffee Mug

Drinking from a toilet. Absolutely lovely.

16. A Weird Cat Figurine

Weird Cat Figurine

This is worse than your grandma's creepy figurines.

17. Potty Golf

Potty Golf

Honestly, why?

18. Ass Farts Cotton Candy

Customizable Ass Farts

Amazon is a weird place.

19. Boiled Egg Mold

Boiled Egg Sushi Rice Mold

This is confusing. I don't know what to do with this.

20. Grass Flip Flops

Gradd Flip Flops

If you ever miss summer in the middle of winter, put these on and everything will be okay.

21. Gift Of Nothing

Gift of Nothing

I triple-dog dare you to give this to someone as a gift.

22. Creamed Possum

Creamed Possum

I'm going to be sick.

23. Mustard

Classic Yellow MustardYep, mustard.

24. Earwax Candle Kit

Earwax Candle Kit

I don't want to know what putrid smell this releases.

25. Asia Old Man Wall Decal

This is real. This is something you can buy on the wonderful website that is Amazon.

Well, I hope you enjoyed scrolling through a list of dumb products on Amazon! Now go waste your money!!

Please note that all items are in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

Cover Image Credit: Amazon Instagram

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Your feet will thank you.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

Cover Image Credit: Behan / Flickr

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25 Gifts All College Girls Want This Year

Shopping for some girls might be the hardest thing so here is a gift guide to make it a bit easier!


Whether you are a momma (or dad), a partner, or a best friend looking for a gift for your favorite girl, here are 25 ideas to jog the process!

1.  A Lilly Planner

It is an essential for every sratty girl out there or the one that lives in her planner. Know someone who lives organization? This planner is perfect, it comes with a monthly and weekly layout, room for notes, colorful stickers, and it is crazy stylish! For $28 that sounds like a steal!

2.  Sorority Letters

Do you have yourself a sorority girl on your hands? If they are anything like me, they can't get enough of their letters so get them this super comfy Sherpa! Not only are they in style and super cozy, but she can sport her adorable jacket on the chilly college campus. The website has a huge array of Greek letters perfect for your little goddess.

3.  Grey's Bangle

Looking for a gift for your person? Get her this super cute Grey's Anatomy bangle! It is so cute and she can always look down and think of her person,

4.  Starbucks Hot Cup

Got a coffee lover on your hands? Get her this custom Starbucks hot drink cup!

5.  Starbucks Cold Cup

If she is more into the iced coffee like 24/7/365 then grab her this custom Starbucks cold cup!

6.  A Big Ass Scarf

There is nothing us girls love more than being comfy and walking across campus in below freezing weather with snow is the opposite of that. Grab her this super big scarf from Dry Goods so she can be stylish and warm this winter!

7.  Perfume

Everyone wants to be asked what perfume shes wearing so snag her this amazing perfume from Francesca's! It will make a great stocking stuffer.

8.  Bralette

No one likes wearing a stiff bra all day so grab your girl this cute bralette from Aerie and she will thank you and so will the girls!

9.  A Subscription Box

Everyone loves to get gifts and this subscription box is the monthly gift that keeps giving. The website calls OnyxBox "black girl magic" so who am I to disagree?

10.  A Soft Blanket

Like I said before, girls love to be cozy so grab her this pretty pink, soft blanket to snuggle up with.

11.  Cold Brew Maker

For the cold brew addict in your life, help her save a few bucks and get her this cold brew maker so she can do it all at home!

12.  Wireless Headphones

Nothing is more annoying than going to the gym and having your headphones ripped out on the treadmill. Grab your girl these stylish wireless headphones so she can jam on the go without worry.

13.  Portable Charger

Everyone hates when they are in class or on the go and their phone is about to die. Get this cute avocado portable charger so that she can always have full battery to take the best pics and send out those tweets.

14.  Pamper Kit

Girls love to get pampered so grab her this kit from Lush. They have so many more gift sets online so look and see which one will fit your special girl the best.

15.  An Essential Oil Defuser

If your girl is into the essential oil trend, snag her this adorable defuser from Amazon so she can relax in style.

16.  A Decorative Mug

You can never go wrong with a cute mug for her to enjoy her coffee or tea in.

17.  A Pet Pillow

Leaving your pet for college is hard, so make it easier and turn her adorable pet into a pillow for her to have in her dorm.

18.  Custom Yoga Mat

For the yogi in your life, get her this custom yoga mat so she can be zen and always know which mat is hers.

19.  A Duffel Bag

When I left for college, my mom got me this same bag so I could carry all of my things in one place. Get your girl this stylish bag so she can come home in style, bonus points to you if you are able to get it at an outlet mall on discount!

20.  Polaroid Camera

We all love to take pictures so get your girl this cute, portable Polaroid camera so she can capture all of the special moments from Christmas morning.

21.  A Tile

We all lose things, especially important things like keys and our wallet so help her solve this issue by getting her this Tile. When she attaches it to whatever she wants, she can connect it to her phone and will be able to easily find whatever she lost.

22.  Eye shadow Palette

Have a future beauty guru in your hands? She will love this palette that comes with 35 ultra pigmented shades!

23.  Scrunchies

No girl on the planet should have to tame her locks with an old pony tail. Grab her this 18 pack of stylish scrunchies that she will want to show off on her wrist and in her hair.

24. A Candle

All girls love candles, its a fact, so grab her this amazing candle that smells like books or browse and find another that she would love.

25.  Plant Mom

For that plant mom in your life, sign her up for this subscription box. For as little as $11 a month she can have plants sent right to her door so she can grow her little family.

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