There are lots of more ideas for bad weather days. Although these are just a few, they can get you through either a day or a couple of days of bad weather. Where are my Floridians at? If you're here with me, you'll understand this struggle and you'll probably come up with some of these same ideas.

Rain, snow, a hurricane, hail, floods, or too much sun or clouds can be a real downer on plans we make. Like who wants to get sunburnt outside when they can be inside taking naps all day?

No, I didn't just describe myself.

There are lots of alternatives to bad weather, easily 5 things. Don't let your day go to poo when the weather ruins it the first time around.

1. Watch movies or have a movie marathon.

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A bad weather day - typically when it rains or storms outside - is the perfect time to watch a bunch of movies. Having a movie marathon that lasts an entire day would be ideal since rainy weather calls for blankets, naps, and junk food; all in front of a T.V. screen and with friends or family.

2. Get housework done that you've been putting off.

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Bad weather gives me plenty of opportunities to get things done around my apartment. When I get really busy during the week, I put off things like cleaning and organizing things since I'm always out the door and usually just sleep at my apartment. And eat; because ya know, that's all I do in my free time.

Even though it isn't Spring time when I want to clean up my room, I do a Spring cleaning on a rainy or cloudy day in my bedroom. This is also a good time for me to find things that don't fit me or that I don't want and can either donate or sell to someone else who will make better use of it.

3. Practice different makeup looks.

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Often times, I'll see lots of beauty gurus that I watch on YouTube use certain products, create looks that I've never tried, and dress themselves up for an event or even just for content on their channel. When the weather isn't great, it's a good time for me to take an opportunity to practice different looks or techniques for everyday makeup or for special occasions. The same thing applies to hairstyles.

4. Get coffee.

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Going to a coffee shop (cue me imagining myself at Starbucks right now on a rainy weekday) and meeting a friend can be enjoyable and productive. Even though it involves driving and walking - not being a lazy bum - it's worth it because coffee on a sucky weather day is ideal and is even better with someone to pass the time with.

I enjoy going to a coffee shop and studying on a bad weather day as well since I know there isn't much else that I can do without the weather ruining it for me.

5. Make phone calls.

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I know for sure that I always put off making phone calls to people, doctors, advisors, and my parents until I know I have a lot of time to dedicate to the conversation. Since I'm always working either of my two jobs or catching up on school work, I never find time to make phone calls that I've been meaning to make. In the only free time I have, I'm probably sleeping. The sad truth.

I'll need to make calls to different doctors, set up consultations, leave recorded messages or set things up before time runs out to do so, and I can never make myself do it when I'm too worn out or when I'm too busy. I feel like I always make up excuses but the weather being crappy is a good reason to get it all done and out of the way.

There are lots of more ideas for bad weather days. Although these are just a few, they can get you through either a day or a couple of days of bad weather.