Weather It & Has It Come?

Weather It & Has It Come?

There is a Season for Everything

Weather It

Weather it, for you are not alone.

Though the sea swallows you,

The storm is surrounding,

the wind cuts deep,

and the rain is thick,

There is a lighthouse.

Though The earth shakes

the ground begins to give,

Trembling and tumbling,

And everything is divided,

You have a foundation.

Though the winter endures,

The cold bites,

Frozen to the bone,

And all paths hidden in snow,

You have a fire within.

Though the darkness is dense,

your feet fail you,

You are led astray,

And you are lost within shadow,

There is a way.

Do you not see?

Though the sun hides itself,

The Son shines always.

Yes, it may be winter out the door,

But in the soul is an everlasting spring.

You can weather it.


Has it Come?

What is this scent?

So familiar, yet somehow remaining foreign to me.

What is this smell that fills my lungs?

It is in the winds,

It passes through my breath,


What is this I see?

Clouds parting and the rain ceasing?

Light piercing and warmth flooding?

Blue skies hitting my eyes?


What is this sensation?

It shines on my face

It fills my heart.


Is this the passing of winter?

Is this the shore?

Is this the peace I sought for?

Will I recognize the sun?

Will I be able to sit in the stillness?

What is this smell?

It is welcoming,

It reminds me of home,

Out from the pot—pasta,

Fresh from the oven—cookies.

What is this I see?

A smile that eases all troubles,

Eyes, full of life and adventure,

They, combined, stir something within.

What is this I hear?

A laugh infects me,

And wise counsel,

A man cannot do without.

What is this I feel?

Is this Spring?

Has it Come?

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