We Need To Talk About Joe Brooks
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We Need To Talk About Joe Brooks

If you're looking for good music, you've come to the right place.

We Need To Talk About Joe Brooks

Attention everyone. If you feel like there is something missing in your life, chances are it’s because you have never heard of or listened to Joe Brooks. That might sound a bit over the top and dramatic, but it’s the only way I can get across how incredible and amazing Joe Brooks really is as an artist, musician, and songwriter. I have never met another person who has heard about him and this is really upsetting because I’m going to say it… he is the most underrated singer-songwriter presently making music today. For those of you who don’t know, Joe Brooks is a 28-year-old British singer and has been making music since he was 17. Although he grew up for most of his life in the United Kingdom, and sometimes it is difficult to get your name out there in America when you are from another country, he now lives in Los Angeles, California. So yes, it’s about time he begins to become known in America.

His singing.

As I mentioned before, Joe Brooks is a singer-songwriter. His music consists of his voice, his guitar, and from time to time a bit of drums in the background. Sounds really simple. But wait -- where are the electronic beats? Where are the loud pop vocals and simple repetitive lyrics that make hit songs? They are nowhere to be found in Joe Brooks’ music because simply put, he doesn’t need any of it. He has a singing voice that is so pure and original that all he needs is his beautiful lyrics, personal style, and guitar to accompany him. His voice is so distinctive and original and although it may take new listeners time to get used to him, he can be identified easily by singing only about one line until you say, “This is definitely Joe Brooks.”

His music.

Although he has a number of EP’s, the two more popular ones being "A Reason to Swim"and "The Boy and the Broken Machine" (which both feature great songs), Joe Brooks’ full studio album "Constellation Me" (in my opinion) is one of the most solidly relaxing, beautiful, and soothing singer-songwriter albums produced in the last ten years. Being a fan of some other singer-songwriters, including Joshua Radin and Matt White, this particular album allows every single song to flow with one another, creating a constant tone of pure relaxation. I would categorize it as one of those albums you would soak in while sitting in a coffee shop on a brisk fall day. Not to mistaken the flow of the album with the idea that all of the songs sound the same, because all of them have a special quality about them with their own message and vibe that cohesively come together to form the full album.

His songs.

Although coming from one of his biggest fans here in America, every song that he has ever produced is creative in its own way. But every artist has a couple of songs that either appear to be the most popular or just speak to its listeners more intently. His number one song is called “Superman” and will forever be one of his best and most memorable songs due to its relatable lyrics and gorgeous melody that is tied together by the sound of the guitar keeping the rhythm. Some other songs by Joe Brooks that remain my personal favorites include “Palm Trees and Lost Souls,” “These Broken Hands of Mine,” “Carousel,” “Rules of Attraction,” and “Kaleidoscope.” However, that doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing the rest of his songs are and just choosing a couple to name was stressful enough for me.

Why Joe Brooks?

Now, many of you may be asking, what makes Joe Brooks so special? Aside from all of the reasons I have discussed, including his unique and talented singing voice, musical style, and the beauty of his songs that create the perfect relaxing, calming, and soothing vibe, Joe Brooks creates art, not just music, that can be written and generated in a couple of hours given the right team. One can honestly see who Joe Brooks is as a person by just listening to his music, which proves that what he writes and creates is meaningful. You can tell he puts his heart and soul into his love of music and deserves to be recognized more for what he has to offer. For now, Joe Brooks remains a secret to many music lovers, and his music is there whenever I need it, but I really hope that his music can start reaching others who will appreciate and adore it as much as I have for years. So there you have it. I hope now you will take a moment to check him out because I can tell you, you will not regret it.

And now, here is his music video for “Superman.”

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