Every single Pride Month I see the same question come around: When are we having straight pride month? I've seen variations of this same kind of question for other celebratory months, such as Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. People that are not of these marginalized groups always feel the need to ask when they are going to have their time to celebrate. Here's a reality check: you are celebrated every single month of the year if you are white, straight and cisgender.

I do not understand why anyone would even think to ask why there is no such thing as straight pride or white history month. Last time I checked, I've never seen someone being discriminated against for being straight or white. These are traits that our society values and shows respect for every single day through the media, the education system, and the government. There is no shortage of "straight pride" or "white history." The only reason that questions like "Where is ___ month?" are asked is because straight, white, cisgender people cannot stand seeing marginalized groups starting to love themselves.

As far as "straight pride" is concerned, it is especially infuriating to see people demanding that it become an established month when people like Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris were assaulted for refusing to satisfy the lesbian fantasies of their attackers. They were on a London bus and got beat up for not kissing each other on command. These women were sick of being fetishized and when they tried to defuse the situation and get these men to just leave them alone, they were punched repeatedly. When have you ever seen this happen to a straight couple on public transport?

I've seen a lot of straight people complaining that gay people are "too obnoxious" about Pride Month and that if they want equality so bad, they should not be separating themselves. I have also seen straight people suggest that LGBT be changed to LGBTs in order for the acronym to "actually be inclusive" by having the "S" represent straight. There is no reason for straight people to be included in the LGBTQ+ acronym because we already live in a heteronormative society. Everyone automatically accepts heterosexuality and expects everyone to fall into that mold. Pride Month exists so that LGBTQ+ people can be reminded that their sexualities and gender identities are valid and that they are a beautiful part of who they are.

And for the record, when a marginalized group takes pride in their identity after having been told they should be ashamed of it, they are not trying to "separate themselves" from everyone else. Their oppressors were the ones that did the separating first by trying to make them feel inferior. Embracing these identities, whether it be being LGBTQ+, Black, Hispanic, etc. is about unlearning the self-hatred that society instilled in them.