We Continue to Evolve
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We Continue to Evolve

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We Continue to Evolve
Tish Cama

Evolution comes in many forms and can result in many different outcomes. Evolving is a form of change but what isn't always realized is change also means discarding what isn't necessary. As humans, the body learns to internally evolve. We used to need our appendix to break down difficult foods, now it is a mass which resides in our flesh and serves absolutely no function. That pink part from the corner of your eye, that used to be a third eyelid, we see how much we use that nowadays. The generational movement from technology is happening here and now whether you like it or not so either get on board or be left behind. Now think about how much you have changed over the last year from things which at one point you thought were so important. Friendships, relationships, family, school, work… some have changed, and some have not budged but we are different because of those outcomes and we learn to evolve under the circumstances.

With all that being said, we don't really "need" the things which we thought at one point were crucial to exist. Now don't read this and immediately think that you can stop eating healthy or quit your job and a new one will just pop up. I for one have always thought that I could be better, and that self-conscious attitude is what pushes me to succeed, better grades, better looks, better attitude, etc. Others may need a pat on the back and told they are the best, and in some cases, people just need to be left alone to see what they want. Whatever we do to succeed is what we have evolved into doing. It is how the "bad kids" became bad and the "goody two shoes" learnt their manners. It is the environment we grew up in going hand in hand with the people we surround ourselves with and it turns us into well… who we are.

Imagine growing up in a house where you are loved and cared for and praised on a daily basis, you will most likely be happy and spontaneous, trying to achieve more and striving to constantly get a pat on the back. Now flip that and think about being raised in a house of horror. Screaming and yelling. Being reminded of your flaws and told you will amount to nothing. You will most likely turn into the stereotypes. You will drown your emotions and do whatever you can to block out the voices eating away in your mind. It is a scary game because 6/10 kids are brought up in a household which falls smack dab in the middle of these two outcomes and it results in confusion, anger, desperation, depression, anxiety, stress, none of which will bring on happiness. It is no single person's fault and there is no blame to hand out because everyone would be red carded at that point.

So how do we cope with this cluelessness which most millennials have sadly fallen into the cycle of? The obvious answer which most people say is do whatever makes you happy… I wouldn't fully agree with that statement only because I have seen what too much freedom of happiness can do to people and it is a terrifying image. Drugs, alcohol, medication, it is all just a platform to ignore the issue and enjoy a moment. Not a lifetime. I think the biggest weakness from our generation is accepting part time happiness through distractions and procrastination. We expect that things will work out overtime, so we just live in the moment instead of having a vision for what will come tomorrow. Sometimes the world is overwhelming, and we do need a break. We need our "getaways" and irrational decisions, we are kids after all, what do you expect. But those escapes in reality will cloud our judgement and STOP OUR EVOLUTION. They will push us backwards instead of forwards. They will hold us back from understanding our true function in society.

Evolution can only occur when we allow ourselves to cut out the toxins which have been weighing us down and accept that we can change our lives for the better no matter how we are raised or what anyone tells us. There are billionaires who grew up in poverty. CEO's who founded companies from an idea which spiraled out while they were in the shower. Friendships built up from what was once jealousy or hatred. Love which has blossomed from complete strangers. There is always change but it requires work, patience, visions, and a lot of it. Today could be the worst day of your life, and a year from now it could be the best. We are clueless on what our future holds and when our foundation is shaky, so is our mindset. And that is okay. It is time to rebuild so we can evolve into the best forms of ourselves. It will be one of the hardest things you have ever done. It will call for commitment and trusting yourself more than the voices in your head. Be patient with the process because a bad day can always get worse, if you don't want it to get better. Lose the pessimistic attitude that you don't deserve happiness and build for a better tomorrow.

You cannot rebirth a dead tree, but you can plant a seed and care for the roots to ensure it grows into something you are proud to call yours. Get away from the distractions and focus on evolving yourself into someone you are proud to be.

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