6 Signs That Your Dog Is Obsessed With You And Loves You Unconditionally
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6 Signs That Your Dog Is Obsessed With You And Loves You Unconditionally

It doesn't matter how many times you accidentally step on their paws.

Jamie Street

I think Odyssey is a safe space where we can express our opinions without judgment. That being established, I would like as all to admit that dogs are clearly the greatest animal, sent down to earth from whatever entity you believe in to enrich our lives and provide us with happiness. Clearly, I am a dog person.

Humans and dogs have been connected for hundreds of years, and that relationship does not seem to be changing anytime soon. Throughout my entire childhood, my family had a four-legged creature running around the house waging their tail fast enough to generate wind energy. Their happy go lucky energy makes every member in my family laugh and their spirited personality makes anyone who walks through our front door fall endlessly in love with them.

Dogs see the best in people, loving us unconditionally no matter how many times we accidentally step on their paws. Despite all our weaknesses, our dogs seem to think the sun rises and sets with us. We should all strive to be the great person our dog thinks we are. The excitement they display when we come home demonstrates that they have us put on a pedestal, but I have them on one, too.

1. They snuggle with you.


What could possibly be better than having a fluffy ball of love laying down next to you? Whether I am in bed or sunbathing outside my two dogs will saddle right next to me, keeping me company. It is common knowledge that snuggling is a sign of affection and dogs should cuddle us.

2. The tail never stops moving.


Our family dog Winnie would have a horrible poker face if she was a human. Whenever she gets excited or happy, her tail moves faster than a hummingbird (slight exaggeration). You can hear her tail thumping from the other room, and if she is standing up than her entire butt moves, and she will turn around in happy little circles. There is little to nothing that is cuter than that. This action is a definitive sign your dog loves you.

3. They lick your face.


Come on, this is an obvious one, right? Your dog is telling you they love you by kissing you. One of my dogs Cleo does not understand the concept of personal space. I will be minding my own business reading or on my cell phone and suddenly there is a 4-pound poodle in my lap licking my face and sniffing me. If I ever needed physical proof my dog loves you, that's it.

4. They are loyal to a fault.


Dogs can range in all sorts of sizes. All of my dogs have been fairly small teacup poodles, but they do not let their size deter them from protecting us. The phrase "their bark is worse than their bite" was created for dogs like mine. Whenever a dog passes by my house, my two tiny poodles feel the need to defend and protect us, barking as enough for all the neighborhood dogs to hear. And their response is nothing in comparison to the reaction is someone rings our doorbell.

5. They nurse you back to health.


Whenever I am sick, my dogs do not leave my side. I am clearly not the only person this has happened to. If my mom is sick, the dogs are right next to her. Not to mention, if any of my mom's patients stop by the house, the dogs seem to think they are nurses, aiding my mother in her practice.

6. They go crazy when you get home.


It doesn't matter if you were gone for a minute, an hour or several days; the moment you return home your dogs are overcome with excitement. When my dad comes home, Winnie shrieks and talks like she is telling him all about what happened during her day. It is so reassuring to come home after a long day and see our dogs grateful for us to be back.

Dogs do not see our faults or our weaknesses. They see the best in us and sometimes remind us of what we are truly capable. The love us no matter what and remind us to see the good in people. Dogs are angels sent from heaven.

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