5 Ways Girls Should Treat Heat-Damaged Hair
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5 Ways Girls Should Treat Heat-Damaged Hair

Choose a healthy recovery over a quick one.

5 Ways Girls Should Treat Heat-Damaged Hair

If you're going through the unfortunate experience of having burned your hair, the first thing to know is that everything will be alright. While your curl pattern may be ruined and your hair may be extremely dry and frizzy, there are solutions for this problem.

I'll be honest and say that you will need to have lots of patience. There is no "fast recovery" for heat-damaged hair. Just like nails, once the hair is damaged, there is nothing you can do but grow it out. However, there are ways to treat heat-damaged hair so that it won't progressively get drier or break while you are growing it out. Here are 5 ways to do so:

1. Don't over wash your hair.

Because your hair is already damaged and dry, you need your natural oils to saturate your hair. You should minimize the number of times you wash your hair during the week to one or two times. Any more than that, and you're damaging your hair even more.

2. Put oil on the tips of your hair.

Now that your hair is weak, your ends have a higher chance of splitting. For this reason, you should conceal them and wrap them up in oil in order to prevent this from happening.

3. Do weekly hot oil treatments.

An oil treatment can be done with coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, etc. Just simply put it all on your scalp and hair and sit under the hair dryer with it for a half hour. As well as concealing it, it will saturate your hair and scalp.

4. Try to not pull your hair back as much as possible.

5. Most importantly, remember to keep a healthy diet.

This means that you are drinking plenty of water and all of your necessary meals. Without this, there will be no growth! So make sure you eat it up and stay healthy.

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