Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better After A Heartbreak
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Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better After A Heartbreak

self love is the key

Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better After A Heartbreak
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I don't know much, but heartbreak is something I think I'm very well educated in. It happens to the best of us and often for the stupidest reasons. Through my heartbreak experiences though, I've found ways to make myself feel good and focused on the better things in life. Here are some things you should do when your heart is broken.

Realize you deserve better

This tip is easier said than done but when someone hurts you, you must realize that you deserve a lot better. Nobody deserves to have someone hurt you. Acknowledging your worth is the first step in recovery. You are an amazing person who only deserves the absolute best.

Take space from them

I know it's hard sometimes to take space from someone you love, but when this person has hurt you, the best thing you can do is get away from them. I'm usually really bad at this but once the space is taken, you begin to thrive. Space can mean physically, mentally, or online. Do what you got to do to get away from them

Get a makeover

okay, I know this is super cliche but changing your appearance is so relieving. Do something that makes you feel pretty! cut or dye your hair, change the way you do your makeup, buy some new clothes.. anything that will make you feel like a new and better version of yourself.

Have a self care day

take a day where you can be alone and take care of yourself. take a bath, do some face masks, PAMPER YOURSELF. after physically cleansing yourself, you'll feel like you've cleansed yourself from some of the toxicity of the situation too.

Spend time with friends and loved ones

sometimes being alone when you're heartbroken is the worst, solve this by being around people who actually care about you and your well being. Call up your friends and ask them to hang, or call your family and talk to them. I promise they will be more than willing to do what they can to make you feel better.

Listen to new music

one of my favorite things to do when I'm sad is listen to music. Go listen to your favorite artists and dig deep into their discography. find a song you haven't listened to before, or go find a new genre to listen to. It will get your mind off things. Music has a deep healing power.

Make something

Whenever I'm sad, I work on a new project. Sometimes this is as simple as drawing something or painting your old clothes, and sometimes it's as complex as making a film or building something. Being able to put all your time and focus into creating something does wonders. Not only that but when it's completed, you'll feel this feeling of satisfaction and pride.

Remember to put yourself first. That's the most important thing. Don't let anyone else define your worth. You do you and love yourself.

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