If you're looking for fun ways to help the environment, look no further! Here are three ways you can make a difference.

Beach Clean-Ups

The United States has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but sadly, many of them are littered with garbage. Not only does this take away the beauty of the beaches, but the trash ends up in the ocean. Plastics that go into the ocean harm the environment, wildlife, and humans. See if your community has weekly beach clean-ups, and join in on the fun! If you don't have a beach clean-up, you can organize one and get people excited about it in your community. Not only will your beaches look better, but you'll feel great about making a difference to the environment and wildlife.

Communal Solar Energy

Installing solar panels on a home may be a bit too costly for people to do on their own, but what about communal solar panels? Your community can invest in solar panels and the solar energy can disperse to local businesses and home. This will reduce the amount of non-renewable and harmful energy your community uses, and it brings the community together!

Plant Trees

What's more exciting than planting new life in your community? You could plant trees in your yard or at local parks and know that you're building a more beautiful community. Another idea would be to start a communal garden, where people from the community can plant their own vegetables and herbs, and share all of what grows.