7 Creative Ways To Fill Your Journals

7 Creative Ways To Fill Your Journals

I'm not talking about a "dear diary" type of book here.

I know what you're thinking, "who journals past the age of 10?" But I'm not talking about a "dear diary" type of book here. Journals and notebooks can be used in a number of ways, ways that may actually change your life for the better. As someone who is generally pretty visual (and forgetful), I have turned to journaling to organize my thoughts. Sometimes these notebooks are extremely messy, but other times they're meant to look nice. Some are full of anxious thoughts, goals I want to accomplish, or collages of my favorite photos.

So, if you're stuck and want to organize your life, here are 7 ways to fill your journals:

1. Reminders and updates.

These reminders could be uplifting thoughts to get you through the day, kind texts or messages you've received from others, something positive that came out of the day - you name it. It's also cool to document life updates so that you can reflect on life or get a sense of how far you've come. This journal could be your more personal, detailed journal.

2. Bullet journal.

Bullet journals are meant to look almost flawless, which may not be the goal for some. However, if you're struggling to organize different aspects of your life, you may want to consider a bullet journal your new best friend. Essentially, this journal is your calendar and day-to-day planner. You can list upcoming events, due dates, appointments, responsibilities, financial information, habits, etc. all in one place. There are different layouts or ways to set up each page that you can use. It's all about your personal preference.

3. Letters.

This notebook could be full of physical letters you've received, letters you want to write to others (but not actually send), or letters to yourself.

4. Messy lists.

I think everyone needs one notebook that consists of loose lists and thoughts. It doesn't have to be perfect, you can jot down whatever you want or anything that's bothering you and how you want to solve it.

5. List your favorites and goals.

You could include pages of your favorite songs at the moment, recently watched shows or movies, some of your favorite recipes you've recently made, your favorite days, it's up to you! You could also log what you ate and how you felt. Don't forget to list some goals, long term or short term. I think it's important to document goals because every time you glance at the page, you'll be reminded. Then, you can look back at all of your accomplishments.

6. Collages.

Not all journals have to include words and lists and paragraphs. Get creative and make a scrapbook or collage with any Polaroids you have laying around, or any old photos that make you happy or nostalgic.

7. Ask and answer questions.

This last idea is a journal full of questions: questions for yourself, your significant other, best friends, or questions about the world or future. These lists of questions don't have to serve as a checklist by any means. They're simply a way to help you and your relationships grow.

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