18 Ways "Long Way" Relates To Every Festival And Fair King And Queen

18 Ways "Long Way" Relates To Every Festival And Fair King And Queen

Being royalty is like joining a whole new world, but this really wraps it up.

Being a festival or fair queen (or king) is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it is one of the coolest experiences a person could ever have. You not only get to represent your festival or fair during its time, but you also get to travel around and tell everyone about where you come from. Listen to Brett Eldredge's new song, Long Way. If you have not heard the song, check it out here! It is obvious about us, past and present queens and kings.

1. Our town is our pride and joy.

We do take people that are special around our town- because current or has-beens it's our town, our community, it’s our home.

2. We know everything about the town. We can tell you everything that's happened lately.

My town of Ashville had the first traffic light! We also know all of the latest news! Down to what community service is going on.

3. Our festival is known for something special, and you bet your bottom dollar we know it and love it.

Ashville, Ohio's festival is known for the fish as big as your hand and spectacular fireworks on the 4th! Right south of us, Circleville is known for their pumpkins and Pumpkin Show.

4. Our town is special to us.

Not only can we tell you about the town, we have memories on nearly every street corner. Our good memories come from here!

5. The line clearly states 'where you the queen with the silver crown.'

Heck yes! I was proud to represent my community! All of us are

6. We always come back.

It doesn't matter where we go in life, home is where our festival is

7. Our town and community made us who we are today.

Our town shaped up. Our community molded us into the person we are. It taught us our values and helped shaped our beliefs.

8. We have the shine, it shows most of the time.

“The shine underneath of the diamond I think I just found.” You really can’t find a better song lyric to describe our personalities. With that, we do wear a lot of shine on our heads with our crowns.

9. We can make anyone fall in love with our town, and festival.

Even if they have never been, we have that amazing ability.

10. We have our faults and glories

We do not let them hold us down, or even make us arrogant. Everything that we have failed, and succeeded at has made us who we are today.

11. We have some of our own secrets, especially when it comes to the ins and the outs of our reigns!

We can always tell you the best foods at our festivals, but what we won’t tell you is how much of it we ate at one time! Trust me, it’s enough to make your stomach sick. From fried bologna, kettle corn, pork on a stick, sweet corn all the way to maple stirs. We know it all, way too well.

We also know the best secretive spots in our town that if you’re not a local you don’t know! We know our community like the back of our hand, so we know all the beautiful things it has to offer.

Did I mention? We LOVE food?

12. We are our own type of pretty.

Everyone on a court is special, being pretty is not all about the looks. It is our personalities! A huge perk for us, we know a thing or two about hair and dressed!

13. If our parents didn’t meet at our festival or fair, there is a good chance they went on a date there!

Hometowns and communities run deep.

14. The whole time we are on this long ride, we are going to be telling you all about something that happened in that spot with one of our queen friends or maybe just telling you about every girl.

We have so many fun stories.

15. The lyric states, ‘You got a look that says you got it all together.’

When we are queens, we are the role models for young kids, especially girls. It is often we get asked what Disney princess we know. There can be a little girl or boy who is walking around with their parents and be upset, usually, when they see a girl with a crown on her head, they cheer up.

ALL the time we stop and take pictures with children, and even teenagers and adults! Children are always watching, so everything we do as queens is things that they pick up on. I have met many girls who were even just a couple years younger than me and they said they went out for the title. Seeing and talking to children is one of the most rewarding parts

16. This song describes why we wanted to run for royalty.

Our town is special to us, it is where we grew up and have lived our lives! We want others to know that it is special. Different festivals and even fairs are known for something.

17. The song is all about perfect timing.

It opens with talking about the right time. For us, during our contests, we did the right thing at the right time. Many of us had to answer fishbowl type questions, this means that we had to be able to think on our feet of how to answer them. Usually, we answer a question pertaining to what we are going out for, so it is all about having the right answer at the right time.

18. Being royalty can run deep in a family.

My Grandma was a festival queen (her picture is from when she was invited back to ride, and I left the year off so everyone remembers she is young), my Mom was a Jr Miss and the Miss of her local town, I was the queen of my town and fair and now my little brother is fair king! Royalty runs through our veins. So many girls and their siblings are also involved in the queening (and kinging)!

There is a nice little resemblance between all of us!

There are actually three siblings in this post!

To all of the girls that I traveled with, fair and festival, thank you for one amazing year. Also, thank you for all jumping on and sending me your pictures! I could not let the post go without everyone, so below is the rest of my amazing queen and king friends. This song represents all of us, I couldn't let you go unnoticed.

Cover Image Credit: Paige Mottley

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8 Things That I Will Always Miss From My Childhood

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