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Ladies, Here Are 7 Tips To Tame Your 'Humid Hair' This Summer

It's never too early to prepare your hair for some serious weather change.

Artwork by Olivia Perez

For most of us, our favorite time of year is quickly approaching- a time filled with gorgeous sunsets, long nights and an agenda that isn't stacked with tons of due dates. The summer always looks like a whole four months of endless possibilities in the best sense of the word... but with the good does come some of the bad.

One of the few downsides to summer is that us, ladies, have to come up with a whole new way of how to tackle our hair every day. Even though it could be easy to just put all of it into a hair tie for the duration of the day, our heads start to hurt after a while trying to figure out what else we can do with it.

So before the temperatures start to rise and beach days are here before we know it once again, let me offer my key pieces of advice to tame your mane this summer and make the most of it all by rocking your natural waves. (And coming from a girl who has the fullest head of thick and wavy-but-also-curly locks, you can trust me on this one.)

Braids are your new BFF.

We may all think of Katniss Everdeen or Queen Elsa when it comes to braids these days, but they are the most powerful hairstyle when it comes to the heat (or even the ice). There are so many different kinds you can experiment with, from French and Dutch to fishtail and waterfall, you can always find the one that best fits the occasion; with names like these, how could you think of anything cooler?

Beware of the heat you CAN control.

You most likely have heard it many times before- you shouldn't apply heat to your hair too often or else it could seriously damage your hair. While most girls choose to ignore this throughout the year, it is never more relevant than in the summertime. Almost everyone either straightens, curls or wands their hair for special occasions or to just feel good, but odds are this perfect hairdo will unwind at some point anyways because of the humidity. Plus, it's going to be really hot already, so why make yourself even more red-faced? Dodge the unnecessary extra heat and work to embrace a new kind of look that'll make you look even hotter than how you're going to feel.

Embrace your natural hair.

Going back to the previous point made, it's so important to just embrace your true beauty. It all may sound repetitive and cheesy, but the natural hair you're "stuck" with is part of what make your physical appearance so unique and great; not to mention that your hair type isn't changing anytime soon so you may as well get used to it now. No wave or curl is the same as another, so let your hair loose to flow through the summer breeze. It took me a while to accept my hair for what it is myself (I'm actually still trying to every day), so don't worry if this doesn't happen overnight.

Invest in a good mousse product.

Mousse is my favorite hair product all year-round, but not one day in summer passes without me having to use it. Mousse not only makes your natural hair stay in place through the heat waves but it gives your hair a good shape while staying in its natural form. It honestly is just like a magical serum for your hair, and if you scrunch it in your hair when it's damp, it truly work wonders. (If you were wondering, I use the"Frizz Ease John Frieda Curl Reviver Mousse!")

Hair accessories can make any hair style next-level fashionable.

So, we been knew, but sometimes a girl has to be reminded that there are tons of ways to spice up her hair or even an entire outfit with just a scrunchie or bandana. With the amount of accessories we have in today's fashion world, at least half of them can help tame your frizzy summer hair. Even sunglasses can be used to pull back the front strands of your hair from your face while you're picking up seashells. Don't ignore your fave accessory store this summer, and treat 'yo self to some beneficial products!

Magic can be found in the sea salt spray.

This is another underrated and often forgettable product, but sea salt spray is one of the best inventions made when it comes to taming the summer locks. Your hair doesn't even have to be a certain texture to use it, either: simply spray the formula into your hair all over and scrunch it and let the serum do its magic. I usually use either the "Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray" or "Moroccan Sea Salt Spray," so try bringing one of these products to the beach for your first trip of the summer.

Avoid the scissors this season.

Of course haircuts are meant to happen at least once every four months to keep your hair healthy, so why not get a fresh one right before the summer starts? And once you do that, vow not to get a haircut until school starts up again or the first day of Fall. This can be a real challenge for some people, but not doing anything to your hair for a whole season as well as keeping it long may be a good change after all. Plus, I think long hair makes for awesome wind-in-the-breeze-like pictures, so add this to your summer bucket list, too.

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