Here a few creative ways to make money in college.

1. Sell your clothes.

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There are so many clothing apps available these days sell your clothes on such as Poshmark, Thread-up, and eBay. You can sell your old shoes, jeans, and even handbags.

2. Use reward or rebate apps

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What is better than getting rewarded for the shopping you do already do? With Ibotta, Drop, and Shopkick, you can get points that rack up in exchange for gift cards to top stores and sites.

3. Tutor

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Your college may have a tutoring center you can get hired at but if not, there are plenty of online platforms available that will pay you. If you made a good grade in a class why not get paid to help someone understand it?

4. Do hair and makeup

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For girls who love doing makeup and hair is most likely an everyday occurrence, so offer up your skills to any who needs them. For sorority formals, date functions, charity galas, even Valentine's Day; some girls love to get glammed up and do not want to pay the full salon price.

5. Become a babysitter or pet-sitter

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Many college kids have pets you could watch, or families who need extra help watching their children. For pet sitting offer your services to friends or ask if they have family with pets. For babysitting, is a resource for finding baby-sitting gigs.