Make This The Year You Check Off Your New Years Resolutions
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How To Make This The Year You Check Off Your New Years Resolutions

To a new year of hopefully better decisions

How To Make This The Year You Check Off Your New Years Resolutions

New Years a holiday of champagne, glitter, kisses at midnight, reflection and goals for the New Year that you will most certainly forget about or give up on in a month or two.

Here are 7 steps you can take to defy the odds and finally check off your New Years resolutions. So start off the new year right with a bottle of champagne and a list of goals we won't think about until January 1st, 2019! Cheers to a great night and an even better year.

1. Get A Planner 

Keep it old school and write out a plan to achieve your goals. It may seem simple but time can go by faster than you think and writing things down can help keep track of things. It also helps people to set a concrete date for your goals and stick to it so you don't keep on telling yourself you will do it tomorrow because then it will never get done.

2. Stay Motivated 

It's not a coincidence that people have such difficulty sticking to their New Years Resolutions during the darkest and coldest time of the year. So it's important to keep yourself motivated. For some, the endorphins from workout out help them stay motivated and for others its quotes or books. Whatever it is for you it is important to remind yourself of why you set this goal for yourself in the first place. You got this!

3. Set Smaller Goals 

People often get caught up with the larger end goal but if you don't make a bunch of smaller goals that lead to your larger goal you may feel overwhelmed and never make it to the end. So take it one step at a time.

4. Treat Yo Self 

This is often the most ignored aspect of completing a goal. Many people may see rewarding oneself as being weak or giving up but rewarding oneself can help you stay motivated. It can give you an incentive to continue on the path towards your goal. Even the smallest of rewards can be the most beneficial. So don't be shy and treat yo self!

5. Do It With A Friend 

Everything is easier with a friend. If you and your friend have the same New Years resolutions do it together! Or even if you don't have the same resolutions make a pact to keep each other on track. It always helps to have someone stop you from eating that third piece of cake or skipping a workout day.

6. Document Your Struggles and Successes 

A part of setting a goal for yourself is knowing that there will be successes as well as failures. Writing out or documenting your process can help keep you on track but can also make the end result more gratifying. Whether that be keeping a diary, blog or documenting your process through photos having this can give you something to look back on once your goal is reached and give you a space to vent during the process of completing your goals.

7. Remember Its a Path Not An Instant Success

Setting a goal doesn't mean instant success it's a process. So just remember that the next time you are about to give up on your goals. Just because you haven't reached them now doesn't mean you won't achieve it later. So get ready to climb.... I know its cliche but that doesn't make it untrue.

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