Waterparks Made A Turbulent Return With A New Sound
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Waterparks Made A Turbulent Return With A New Sound

"If this song isn't a big f*ck you, then I don't know what is."

Waterparks Made A Turbulent Return With A New Sound
Alex Leff

As most (if not all) of the Waterparks fandom knows, the pop-punk trio has returned with a new single. On Thursday, May 23, the boy's debuted their first new music release in over a year. While there have been diss-tracks in the past, none of them stack up to the feelings and emotions of 'Turbulent.'

As Waterparks evolved over the last seven years, so has their music. While the core of the album has changed they all seem to consist the inclusion of a track filled with anger, rage, and centers around the theme of calling out the haters, those who've wronged them in the past, as well as the way people have treated them over the band's timeline. Black Light brought us Easter Egg, Double Dare gave us Little Violence, and Entertainment threw a Tantrum.

Easter Egg is about how people see you as something you're not. In this case, somebody is making the assumption that just because Waterparks is a boy band means that they'll eventually fall into the same trouble as other bands, and thus will fall into the stereotype.

Little Violence is about how now that as a band, Waterparks is gaining traction and those who had doubts and judged them as if they were just another cookie cutter boyband are realizing they were wrong because not the same. That realization is sinking in and they want to be close as a way of showing support when in reality they want to get the perks of being friends.

Tantrum is about how people have screwed the band members over in the past. In a way, I see it as some sort of continuation of Little Violence in that the haters are trying to get closer to the band's friends instead of the boys themselves. It's also about how If Awsten wasn't who he is now, nobody would care who he was. In addition, the song is about those who've wronged the band by either making fun of them, giving them false hope, or even in relationships.

Turbulent is a plain as day fuck you song. It picks out one person from Tantrum and rips them a new one. It's about telling someone all the pain they caused, what they did to you mentally, as well as the result of the pain they caused because of how little they cared about your feelings. Of all of the songs Parx has released, this song has the most fuming tone to it.

The fast-paced and upbeat tempo pairs perfectly with Knight's pain and anger filled lyrics. While the song isn't as aggressive sound wise, this is the band's most soul-bearing single to date. Don't get me wrong, it is aggressive but compared to their previous hits such as Tantrum and Little Violence, it's aggressive in a different way. It's abundantly clear that anger is the driving force behind the creation, just instead of short and rough riffs, Turbulent has a more melodic tone around the verses and has a more frenzied and fast paced chorus.

Either way, Waterparks has once again hit it out of the ballpark with a new song. I highly recommend giving it a listen. The only thing I say is to be open with the new era. If the rest of the greener pastures era is similar to the first hit, then it will definitely be different. While the return of the sassiest little boy-band in Houston is exciting to begin with, they brought along even more news to celebrate.

For the last year and a half, there have been some creative differences between the band members and their former record label Equal Vision. Waterparks have spoken out about their issues with the label and come to the conclusion they would like to be released from their contract. Waterparks have now signed on with Hopeless Records, where they feel they'll be able to grow, prosper and continue to evolve both artistically as well as individually.

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